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Post Info TOPIC: What is Twitter Flight School and how can it help you?


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What is Twitter Flight School and how can it help you?


If you are a marketer, you will be interested in learning more about Twitter Flight School. This social network has the advantage of having very receptive audiences towards the ads and results generated by this type of campaign. What makes it a good platform to promote products or services.

This tool can be useful whether you have a brand or if you work in an agency. And it is ideal for all those users who want to expand their marketing knowledge. All the content it offers is adapted to the needs of each user.

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Without a doubt, it is a good alternative to optimize the work of professionals or novices who have just landed in the digital world . That is why it is necessary to know in greater depth Twitter Flight School and everything it offers to people who want to use it.

Meet Twitter Flight School


It all started in 2014, when the blue bird social network decided to launch the Twitter Flight School platform in some English-speaking countries. He did it in order to help advertising agencies to catch up with the marketing solutions they offer.

In summary and in a very basic way, it can be said that Twitter Flight School is an online learning tool that wants to teach you how to publish ads on Twitter . The courses it offers are suitable for all levels of experience, regardless of whether you are a new user or a specialist in digital media .

The best thing is that you can adapt the course activities according to your time, since it has an exclusive structure that gives you the possibility to select what you want to learn. Therefore, you have the option to start from the basics or go directly to the campaigns, it all depends on your choice.

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What does this platform offer?


Given its purpose, you can already intuit some of the options it has, but it is necessary that you know them in greater detail. This will help you understand the tool more easily and at the same time encourage you to use it. So pay attention to everything it offers:

  • Courses in small doses.
  • Choosing your own learning path.
  • Evolving course activities.
  • Actionable recommendations.
  • Achievement badges.
  • Live trainings.
  • Downloadable resources.
  • Featured campaign success stories.

3 modules and 6 teaching hours

All these courses can be found in 3 modules with 33 lessons, for a total of 6 training hours . The modules are divided as follows:

  1. Fundamentals of advertising on Twitter : here they explain why the audience of this social network is the most receptive. Also, what are the practices you have to adopt to develop content that reaches the public effectively.
  2. How to get started with the Twitter Advertising Manager: in this case, they teach you to develop campaigns, as well as to target the right audiences and master the reporting tools.
  3. How to boost campaigns with video: it shows you the video advertising products of this platform and explains how you can use them to deliver effective messages. This is one of the keys to creating content on Twitter and the number of views it gets shows it.

Sign up for Twitter Flight School


Do you want to start using Twitter Flight School? If so, the first thing you should do is register on the platform. You just have to click on this link and fill in the boxes that request basic information such as: Twitter username, email and password.

Then you have to fill in a form in which they request personal information, such as: name, surname, country, time zone and preferred language. This is essential so that you can receive an individual and highly personalized experience . Followed by information related to the company to know the objective that the ad will have.

Subsequently, they ask a series of global questions, for example, what is the reason why you visit the platform. And others oriented to the permissions and privacy policies they have. All this gives more security and confidence to users. Once you complete these steps, you give the option " save " and voila, you can start.

Do you know what badges are?


Twitter Flight School badges represent an award given to those who achieve a certain level of proficiency through participation in its learning modules. That is the reward for the amount of time and effort that each user spends mastering a topic related to the products and solutions of this social network .

Surely you are wondering how you can get your badge. One of the ways is by participating in one of their training programs, which are always guided by an instructor. But it is important to understand that this option is not available in all locations.

Another option is to study the course material online and pass the necessary assessments .

Getting one of these badges may take approximately 2 to 4 more hours. All this will depend on the volume of content that you have been provided in the course and your previous experience. It should be noted that it is valid for one year from the moment it is given to you.

Badges that encourage you to keep learning

According to information from the social network, they currently offer a Twitter video badge. However, new badges may appear periodically . It is important to note that the requirements to obtain them can be modified in the event that there are substantial changes in the products, solutions and policies of the platform.

Of course, in the event that the badge has expired, you can update it as long as you study a new set of course materials. The idea is that you always keep it current and, in addition, it is an opportunity to continue learning about these topics.

Is it the same as a certification?


A very common question around badges is whether they are something similar to a certification. And the answer is negative. Although both can be exposed as credentials on your LinkedIn profile or on other social media platforms, there are certain differences:

  • To complete a certification you have to take a longer period . While in the case of the badge, you will only need between 2 and 4 hours approximately.
  • In the first case, the evaluations are usually more formal , such as proctored exams. Whereas with badges if you don't pass on the first try, you have the possibility to review the material and try again. They only require you to wait 24 hours for the new attempt.

Where can the badges be displayed?

These recognitions granted by Twitter Flight School can be displayed on the same social network, as well as on LinkedIn and on other digital platforms. Once you have them, you just have to go to the " Licenses and certifications " section of your profile to share your badge.

In addition, if you wish, you can also print them, since they can be downloaded in PDF format , which allows even sending them by email.

Master video ads on Twitter


With this platform, it will be much easier for you to understand how you can dominate video ads on Twitter. In this way, you can present your products or services through them. And if you do it the way it is explained in the courses, you will surely succeed.

According to data provided by Business Twitter, people spend 26% more time watching ads on this social network than on other digital platforms. This represents a great opportunity that you should make the most of, either as a professional or as a new user.

They also indicate that 70% of the impact of a brand occurs during the first three seconds of the video . Which shows that the key to success is conveying the message through short clips. But that must be accompanied by striking images and a mention of the brand at the beginning of the audiovisual.

Key videos for your campaigns

Although Twitter offers you several alternatives to launch your videos, there are two that are really effective and will help you achieve your goals;

1.- Pre-roll videos with in-stream video ads

They allow brands to connect with audiences, at the same time that they interact with the content that interests them most. In this case, you can post pre-roll ads at the beginning of certain content and segment viewers by demographics, interests, and other aspects.

2.- In-stream video sponsorships

In this case, it gives advertisers the ability to collaborate with the best content from the 950 brand-safe global video partners. These include the world's leading news agencies, sports leagues, television networks as well as the world's entertainment giants.

It is about engaging the audience during particular events or times when they are most receptive . You can do this through pre-roll announcements at the start of live events and video clips.

Now that you know what Twitter Flight School is and how it can help you, it's time to sign up. Of course, if you are really interested in generating communities as they add value to your brand, you will need the support of specialists like Antevenio . We help you establish direct, less intrusive and more personalized communication with your customers through a customized Community .




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This was really an interesting topic and I kinda agree with what you have mentioned here!
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Twitter Flight School is a very interesting new service that helps people who are new to Twitter get started. Twitter Flight School is a course that teaches you how to use Twitter in a way that attracts more followers, converts more leads and increases your brand exposure. You can visit here and do my homework online. Well firstly, they have an automated tool that scans your Tweets and then plays them back like in a radio play. It's called Radio Twitter.

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