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The secret of a user experience that helps convert


Excellent user experiences are the backbone of a differential website. Helps to identify if there is an increase in bounce rate or conversion rates. More and more companies are learning to design user experiences that convert to stay competitive.

Investing in UX is necessary to distance yourself from competitors. Several studies have shown that for every euro that a company invests to increase usability, it receives between 10 and 100 euros of benefits, in addition to customer loyalty. In the same way, they should guide and help you while he uses your website, product or application.

An optimal user experience can be added value

For many companies, the consumer is the basis of their strategies. Therefore, providing good care is key to creating a solid image of the brand . Thus, a “different” company impression is also projected to customers. To achieve good user experiences that convert, three basic guidelines must be met:

  • Improve the response rate to user requests.
  • Build a relationship with the community based on trust.
  • Provide care without any inconvenience

It is important that the interaction is personalized, natural and immediate . In this way, the constant repetition of information that leads the user to abandon the brand is avoided.

As the Social's Shift to Service study indicates , most consumers who are loyal to a brand are loyal because they have had a positive experience with it . Achieving loyalty of users with whom you have already interacted supports the work of the company. In addition, it improves the image of the company for potential clients.

Experiences in more than one location

An optimal user experience is not limited to the sensations generated by visiting a website. The user experiences that convert are developed across multiple devices. Interaction with the brand can also be with physical elements.

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For example, you can search for information about a television that interests us on our smartphone while traveling by train. Then, when you get home, you close the purchase on the tablet and pick up the order at the company store. In total, two digital devices and the physical store have been used to obtain the product. Therefore, the customer experience has been extended during the day through 3 different interfaces.

Therefore, user experience must be considered as a global concept that affects the relationship between the brand and the user community.

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Key points for an excellent user experience

A properly optimized website produces user experiences that convert. To achieve the satisfaction of your community, it is convenient to always keep in mind the following basic principles:

  • Smooth navigability . Navigation has to be intuitive for the customer to find what they are looking for without problems. Simplification is crucial: main menu, navigation options, depth levels… as well as placing breadcrumbs on each page. In the same way, the search box by keywords must always be present.
  • Accessible from all devices . Recent studies make it clear that the use of tablets and mobile devices has exploded in recent years.  A compelling reason to offer a user experience adapted to all users. The structure of the web has to have an adaptable design. Thus, it is automatically resized to fit the characteristics of each device.
  • Simplicity equals effectiveness.  The only thing they do is distracting elements that do not have a specific function. In terms of usability, simplicity is the best solution. The color palette, for example, should not have more than 5 colors. The letters always legible, but without exceeding the maximum of three types and of different sizes. Infographics and graphics should only be placed if they are going to meet specific requirements that help the navigator.
  • The website must show consistency . While browsing the web the user has to see that all the pages respect the same scheme. Colors, font, menu layout ... everything has an influence on the user experience. Keeping the same scheme does not mean that the layout of all the pages has to be identical. Each type of page (information page, landing page) should have its own design.
  • Little things that make a difference. In current web design there are several established guidelines to which the user has already become accustomed . Among them, the logo in the upper left area and the navigation in the upper part. In the same way, the cart is a fully established icon on e-commerce pages. Being innovative is laudable, but in terms of design, you better play it safe.
  • You have to show reliability at all times . All brand communications must be clear and honest. Credibility is as important as respecting the basics of web design. The visitor has to know from the first moment what you offer. Use all the resources you have at your fingertips to offer a pleasant browsing experience to the user.

Tips to achieve user experiences that convert

Sometimes a little adjustment provides great results. Especially in Usability, where a slight a priori detail can affect the user experience. Below you will find a list of useful actions that you can apply in your current web design project:

Remote user testing

This technique has allowed companies like Google and Microsoft to improve user experiences, design better products, and increase conversions. With it, you will discover the "how" behind the actions of your users, and the "why" behind their opinions . With this information, you will be able to make the necessary changes to improve your conversions. These are some of its benefits:

  • Immediacy . It is vital to know what works and what doesn't in real time. Remote user testing enables quick feedback by eliminating the need for a specific location. The necessary equipment is also reduced. Because there are fewer people and fewer teams involved in testing, the cost of testing is lower.
  • There is no need for a physical location . The practically zero need for resources means that the user can do the test from home. Taking a test in your natural environment generates more feedback as you feel more comfortable in your environment.
  • Greater diversity . Testing is remote, allowing your consumers around the world to help with their thoughts and opinions. A registry open to users of any origin makes it easy to obtain a wide variety of demographic data: age, languages, income, etc.

Today there are several productive options to consider if you want to carry out remote testing.

Educate your user community

The best way to convince a user to purchase an item, or to register on a website, is by educating them. Knowledge allows users to act, change their behavior and change their attitude. Quality content is key to empowering the consumer.

The landing page can be a valuable tool to achieve user experiences that convert. The potential customer needs to know everything about the product, its value, benefit and purpose. When writing your landing page copy , think about what can improve your experience.

Conduct phone interviews

They can be a great way to get information and really understand the "why" behind your actions. Whenever possible, to users who have converted . For example, if you offer paid services, the moment people start paying.

With these interviews you can get the context behind a person's intention. Using this information, you will be able to optimize the experience of your users and, in turn, increase conversions.

People who have approached your brand have a fresh emotional memory of the process they took to do so. That is precisely what you are looking for, the perception of the moment of change. A new registration / acquisition always implies the exploration of better experiences.

Take advantage of 404 pages

When designing user experiences that convert, all the elements that make up a website must be taken into account. Even those that don't work properly. If a user finds a 404 page without the possibility of going elsewhere, he will surely choose to leave the web. Therefore, it is vital to provide a clear direction indicating where you want it to go. 

With clear copy, and multiple links, the visitor can be directed to the correct area of ​​your website. In Google Analytics you can see how many users end up on 404 pages and what is the path they take to get out of them. With this data in hand, you can design a user experience that leads to conversions.

Creating user experiences that convert is essential for any business. To achieve this, it is essential to offer relevant content to the client. At Antevenio we give visibility to your brand through branded content actions in relevant media . Contact now and entrust your strategy to our team of experts with more than 20 years of experience.




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