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Mr. Rock and Roll

------------------ "Hey, I'm going to go home with you. My mother has been saying recently that she wants me to take you back, saying that she misses your son-in-law.." Zheng Xiujing pouted so high that she seemed to be able to hang a soy sauce bottle. It doesn't matter, work is important, when to visit aunt and uncle is all right. Li Muluo stretched out his finger, smoothed Zheng Xiujing's frowning brows, and then soothed him. Fine Zheng Xiujing's smile returned to her face after being appeased by Li Muluo. Do you want me to take you? Li Muluo got up and picked up Zheng Xiujing's bag and asked. No, it's away from the S. M is very close.. Zheng Xiujing stood up with a smile, stood on tiptoe, pecked Li Muluo's cheek, and then took the bag in his hand. PS: After thinking about it, it's better to update a chapter and sleep soundly. The development of the protagonist, perhaps because I update too slowly, it makes everyone feel that the protagonist seems to have been half-red. Protagonist's X xìng grid problem, no way, I have written as a warm man, slowly change it. That's all. If you want to complain, just write down your opinions in the book review section. I will go to see it. Very tired, did not check, get up tomorrow to see if there are any typos and mistakes. [Text Chapter 182 Long time no see.] Watch Zheng Xiujing leave, until there is no longer her shadow in the line of sight,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, Li Muluo just turned around and sat down. Rub your lips with your fingers, smile in your eyes … In the mind emerges a scene fragment, meets for the first time, intersects, is familiar with, is ambiguous … "Is it not my luck to meet you?" Li Muluo said softly as if in a dream. --------------------------- Two R rì outdoor variety show shooting, so that Li Muluo already physically and mentally exhausted … Warm afternoon, in this remote and quiet coffee shop,Concealed Flush Valve, the air is filled with faint aroma of coffee, the sun pours down, warmth flows into the blood along the skin, until it merges into the heart … Li Muluo gathered his messy thoughts, tidied them up, then closed his eyes and took a nap in the sunshine. Stealing half of the floating life is also a true portrayal of Li Muluo today. Although the body has entered a state of dormancy, but the mind is still pulling, floating. Once upon a time, Li Muluo fantasized about his life. Like ordinary people, they will finish their studies, enter the society and start working. Look for a girl who looks ordinary, but is gentle and considerate, and enter the marriage hall with her. Give birth to a child as a continuation of their own life with her. In this way, we have spent decades of light. Until it was put into a coffin, buried deep in the ground, Flushometer valve ,push button toilet flush valve, and buried here. However, the present life is very different from what has been conceived before. Bathed in the bright light, he set foot on a road full of thorns. A road I didn't dare to think of before. While enjoying the shouts and cheers of the crowd. While suppressing the pain and confusion in my heart. Idol. A person that countless young people want to be, They only saw the dazzling idol, but did not see the idol hiding in the corner licking the wound. They only saw the gorgeous skirt of the idol, but did not see the tired and sour face under the idol's makeup. Thoughts gradually rise and fall, silent immersion. My mind went back to chaos and I fell into a deep sleep. --------------- I do not know how long, Li Mu Luo suddenly woke up and turned around, opened his sleepy eyes. The coffee on the table in front of him was no longer steaming. The sunshine outside the window has become a little gloomy. The clock hanging above the wooden post was still ticking. Li Muluo rubbed his eyes and yawned. Take out the mobile phone from your pocket, touch the screen with your finger, and smile at the beautiful girl like a flower on the screen. Looked at the time, then got up, stretched a lazy waist, the pace is slightly brisk … The confused thoughts before have long been forgotten by him. Why worry about nothing, since set foot on this road, then go on like this, at least there are friends and lovers around. Smile around the corners of the mouth, eyes have no confusion, only hope for the future … --------------- When the taxi goes to F. In the vicinity of Company C.. The mobile phone in Li Muluo's pocket rang suddenly, hesitated for a moment, then quickly took out the mobile phone from his pocket. Looked at the call note, Li Muluo did not hesitate, directly press the answer button, and then stick to the ear. "What's the matter, brother Dongxu?" Li Muluo asked directly, because he knew that in his spare time, if there was nothing, Cui Dongxu would not call to disturb himself. Mu Luo, I see you are tired and confused, even to go to the song this thing to forget. Although Cui Dongxu said so, there was no complaint in his voice. Oh, I really forgot. I'm in a taxi now. I'm getting to the company. Wait a minute. Li Muluo patted his forehead gently, and then said with some helplessness. Nothing, there is still plenty of time, do not urge the driver to drive fast, pay attention to safety. Cui Dongxu was afraid that Li Muluo was in a hurry to come back, so he told him again. Well, okay.. Li Muluo answered with a smile. After hanging up the phone, Li Muluo did not urge the driver, but the driver was very considerate to increase the speed appropriately. Three minutes later, the taxi arrived at F. Company C. Handed the fare, Li Mu Luo tidied up his skirt, opened the door and stepped down sideways. Walking into the company hall, Li Muluo's pace was a little hurried. After saluting with a familiar high-level person on the road, the high-level person seemed to want to chat with Li Muluo, but Li Muluo explained the situation with a little apology and went into the elevator. The door of CNblue's practice room was unclosed, so Li Muluo pushed the door directly and entered. Zheng Rong and four people scattered sitting cross-legged on the ground,stainless steel squatting pan, playing with their musical instruments, makeup has been on, clothing has been changed.

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