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Quick wear: raiders blackening male protagonist

Tang Qing tilted his head and thought about it. Then he said with a smile, "No, my stomach is so big. I'll keep the other delicious food for tomorrow." "Well, it's up to you." The attendants were very fast, and although almost no one else in the Qingyun Temple needed food except her, their cooking level was quite good. When the stomach is full, the next step is where to rest. Tang Qing has a room in the main hall, but now, Mo Qingchen has made a sound to ask him to stay. Stay here tonight. Tang Qing is stupefied, "why?" "On the first day of the bath, there are unknown side effects. In order to avoid what happened during the day, I think it's better to put you under my nose." Tang Qing was speechless. She just looked at the huge bedroom. Although the bedroom was big, there was only one bed. She hesitated for a long time. Then she whispered, "But there is only one bed here. Where can I sleep?" Looking at her cautious appearance, Mo Qingchen said, "I don't need to sleep because of my cultivation. You just sleep in bed, and I just stay in meditation." Speaking of this, of course, Tang Qing would not refuse, but there were more people around him, who thought he would not be able to sleep, who knows, after turning over several times, she actually fell into a sweet sleep, of course, she would not know why she fell asleep so quickly, thanks to Mo Qingchen. On one side, Mo Qingchen, who had closed his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her sleeping face. He stood up slowly,tannic acid astringent, took off his robe, and immediately lay down. Compared with being in samadhi, it is naturally comfortable in bed, and it is also a good feeling to sleep in the same bed for the first time. 600. No Chapter 600 Medicine Man 16 Tang Qing woke up to see the people next to her, the whole person fell into silence, yesterday she can remember clearly, someone can say that do not need to fall asleep, just need to be in the side of the samadhi ah, can look at now, this sleep can be deeper than her ah. The corners of her mouth twitched slightly, she looked down at her intact clothes,lutein eye complex, then looked at someone sleeping in the dark, silently pulled the quilt up for him, and then got out of bed. At the moment when she got out of bed, someone who was supposed to be sleeping suddenly opened his eyes. Since the practice, although there is a bed in the bedroom, but for sleep this kind of thing, almost never happened, unless he was seriously injured, repair for the decline, but now, in his heyday, he really felt the feeling of a deep sleep, that taste, different from before, can not say comfortable, can not say refreshing. Eyes complex look at the person who sat down from the bed, after a moment, the lips slightly warped. Tang Qing was putting on the wide and ill-fitting clothes on himself when he heard the system suddenly prompt him. The task completion index rose to 22%. The inexplicable sudden rise made her stop the hand that was tying the belt. What's wrong The system's line of sight was not limited, so it described what had happened before, which deliberately aggravated a strange smile. I don't know what's going on, but that smile is too malicious, lycopene for skin ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, yourself. Take care. After hearing this, Tang Qing wanted to laugh out loud, this did not do anything, simply sleep, on the rise of so many points, simply can not be better. Take care of what? The rising task index shows that he cares about me, and the more he cares about me, the closer he is to completing the task. The system is speechless, but to punish the world's male setting, I am afraid it is not so simple, but more words are useless, after all, no matter what the male wants, they can only see the move. Stop the action is ready to continue, but the next second, the belt in his hand was pulled out from his hand, and then looked up, but found that Mo Qingchen did not know when to come to him silently. Although the head is low, but can not hide that how can not hide the gentle, "how to wear a dress can be in a daze?" Tang Qing is silent, you can't say you're thinking about him. That's too provocative, and it's not in line with Qingyun's public persona. Mo Qingchen saw that she did not speak, simply did not say much, the little fool was still very shy, he did not want to push her too hard, but when he finished putting on the clothes for her, he suddenly found that the clothes were his own. There was a chuckle overhead, and Tang Qing's head drooped even lower. "I have no clothes to wear." The voice was as light as a mosquito, but Mo Qingchen heard it. "It doesn't matter. You can wear whatever you like in my clothes in the future." "" No, "said Tang Qing," I'll change my clothes when I get back. Say, she asks again: "Otherwise, let attendant elder sister bring a dress to me?" Mo Qingchen looked at her wearing her own clothes, as if she were a child wearing adult clothes, surrounded by small clothes, which made the whole person more petite and lovely, which was very interesting. Just wear this one. You're going to take a medicated bath later anyway. The implication is that if you wear it, you have to take it off. How troublesome it is to take it off and change it. Tang Qing hesitated for a moment, but in the end he agreed, "was it still yesterday's local medicinal bath?" Language, see him nod, do not wait for him to make a sound, then obediently toward the direction of yesterday. The pain of the medicated bath did not weaken much because of yesterday. She still showed her teeth and grinned. With the lessons learned from the past, this time she no longer suffered in silence, but called out her voice. Mo Qingchen came in as soon as she made a sound, saw her pale face, eyes suddenly a pity, and in the end, regardless of the risk of poisoning, as yesterday, she was taken out of the bathtub. The attendants in the main hall had already been dismissed, so no one saw this scene, of course, if you see it will not be too shocked, after all, for thousands of years, no woman can live in the main hall, and now, just more sure of their guess. A full three months, Tang Qing can be said to be a day like a year, but this suffering is still a reward, although not all the toxins in the body untied, but at least also broke about 70% of the poison, the most important thing is that she touched that poisoning set, also finally untied. But Qingyun heart a big event, it is worth celebrating,saw palmetto extract, in the diagnosis will not be poisoned because of her touch, the first thing she did was to jump into the arms of Mo Qingchen. Clear the dust, I am so happy! 。

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