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Purple Phoenix Hairpin-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise

This man is worthy of the iron clank of a man, in the face of the sinister and vicious seven poisons of Nanhuang, dare to challenge proudly, with pride and courage, it is really heart-breaking. A look of pride and admiration rose in the eyes of the man in white, and he looked at brother Nai in silence. "I've heard for a long time that there are two dragons in the Xue family, a hero and a woman," said Jie with a strange laugh. "It's really good!"! It's a pity to bump into my brother's hands. Don't show off in front of my brother. Before I change my mind, put down my things and get out! As soon as the big man in black raised his thick eyebrows, he suddenly burst out laughing: "The Seven Poisons of the Southern Wilderness are merciful and keep people alive. This is an unprecedented thing. It's a pity that Xue's brothers are not people who are afraid of death. Xue doesn't accept this feeling. The two things are on Xue's body. If you can take them, just take them. But Xue tells the seven that unless Xue's brothers shed blood on their corpses." The man in the forest seemed to be frightened by the heroic spirit of the big man in black, and did not make a sound for a moment. But soon there was another gloomy and cold voice: "Boss, what are you hesitating about? Let you make an exception and release the animals. People don't accept your kindness. I don't have your patience. Go!"! Brothers, let's see what this man can do. As soon as the voice fell, there was a sharp and harsh roar, and seven dark shadows, like ghosts, appeared from the depths of the dense forest, not touching the ground, but seemed to be rippling with the wind, slowly floating in front of the two men. Xue Shuanglong, who had never known what he was afraid of, could not stop a chill spreading all over his body, and subconsciously put his hand on the hilt of the sword. There was another harsh laugh, seven dark shadows flashed, and seven strange men were lined up in front of the horse, so ferocious that one shuddered and shuddered. The same thin figure, long black hair, pale and gloomy face without a trace of human breath, deep-set eyes, shining green awn, one by one hanging hands, if not in broad daylight, it is suspected that they are ghosts and zombies, the appearance alone can be frightening. The two steeds seemed to be frightened, and after a long hiss,metal stamping parts, they backed up again and again. The strange man in black robe, who was the second on the left, suddenly had his eyes full of green. He took a deep glance at the triangular flag on the ground. A cruel sneer welled up on his ugly white face: "I don't have the heart of compassion of our eldest brother. There is no one alive in the Seven Poisons Order. How dare you defy the Seven Poisons Order and resist my eldest brother's order? That's only to die more miserably. Ordinary man, give me something to stop me from doing it!" So sinister and ruthless, so arrogant! The big man in black on the horse opened his eyes wide and raised his thick eyebrows upside down. Amid a burst of loud laughter, he took out something. It was a small and exquisite red sandalwood box. He raised it horizontally with one palm and said coldly, "Ladies and gentlemen, the green jade Buddha and the purple phoenix hairpin are all here. Which one of you has the courage? Please come and take it. Only the virtuous can live in it. Why should we take it?"? Second brother, catch it. The wrist shook slightly, and the red sandalwood box shot at the man in white like lightning. At that instant, the second black-robed strange man suddenly gave a grim sneer: "a common man wants to die." Ghostclaw-like hands, the left hand a palm to the big man in black, the right hand five fingers slightly bent, far into the air, grasp the red sandalwood box in midair, but the body is not moving. The big man in black felt a cold and piercing pressure. With a shock in his heart, he shouted, "Second brother, die cast light housing ,metal stamping parts, take it quickly." The burly figure rose to the sky, shook his robe in midair, drew his sword and whirled. The sword pulled three sword flowers and went straight to the second black-robed monster. Suddenly, the steed fell to the ground with a cry of grief. In anger, he tried his best to strike in the air. The man in white laughed and asked with his right palm, "Don't worry, I.." Before he had finished speaking, the red sandalwood box suddenly turned its head and flew upside down, falling to the right palm of the second black-robed monster. In the heart of great horror, a shout of anger from the saddle fly, straight to the red sandalwood box. But the third black-robed strange man suddenly smiled, and his figure was like a ghost and lightning to meet him. With a dull hum, the man in white folded his arms and flew back, his clothes were broken, and a wisp of blood flowed down his arm. At this point, the second black-robed monster wooden box has been started, the body flash back. The big man in black thought to himself that he had made a move with all his strength, but he hadn't even touched the corner of his opponent's clothes. His younger brother had been wounded, and the treasure box had been lost. For a moment, he was devastated. In his grief and anger, his eyes were all red. With a sad laugh, he shook his sword and shouted: "The two dragons of the Xue family have crossed the martial arts world. I didn't expect to fall so miserably today!"! Second brother, since the treasure is lost, what scruples do you still have? Spare it! The two long swords are like snakes, the sword flowers are blossoming, the white rainbow is flying, but the people are like two mad tigers, pouncing on them. The strange man in the second black robe gave a sinister sneer: "Just now we just threw a rat to avoid a weapon. Now, hum." With a few sharp roars, the shadows flashed, and the six strange men clapped their hands together. Seeing that two iron men in the southwest were about to die under the claws of the twelve ghosts, suddenly the first black-robed monster raised his voice and shouted, "Stop." Body lightning, robe sleeves double spread, bang twice, Xue Shuanglong body suddenly retreat, six black-robed strange men also stopped at the same time. The two dragons of the Xue family were filled with grief and indignation before they could attack again. Stop! Yin Yin, the first strange man in black robes, gave a light drink. His voice was not loud, but it shook the minds of the two men. They could not help but stop together. The first strange man in black robe, with his blue eyes and a cold smile, said, "With the way you two are, it's as easy to take your life as to blow away the ashes. It doesn't need a finger. It's just that since I've spoken, I don't want to fall into the hands of others. I'm very lucky to make an exception and release you today. It's unprecedented. You should be satisfied. If you miss today and want to die, Nanhuang is a good place to bury your bones. Welcome at any time.." Brothers, go! The seven monsters were waiting to turn around, and the two dragons of the Xue family were about to attack with their swords. Wait! Suddenly someone behind the Seven Poisons said, "It's a long way to the southern wilderness. People don't want to go, but they don't want to go. What can they do about it?" Hearing the sound, the seven strange men in black robes were frightened. They shouted several times and turned around. Fourteen vicious palms rolled out in anger. But behind the empty ground, there is no trace of a figure? Just as he was surprised, the voice behind him rose again: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here!" Seven poison heard more startled, suddenly turned back, looked up, at the same time the bottom of my heart rose a trace of chill. It turned out that beside the two dragons of the Xue family,titanium machining parts, I don't know when there was already a handsome and imposing scholar in white, who was staring at the seven of them with a smile. Such a posture alone is enough to chill their hearts with seven poisons. The strange man in black was stupefied and said coldly, "Who are you?" 。

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