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I teach you to deal with Wanji [wear books]

"The world is difficult, people's hearts are dangerous, scholars are often just open and aboveboard, who knows if they will rely on more people to bully the blind." The angler leisurely began to collect the fishing gear. Who dares to bully you. Tsing Yi Nu took the fishing gear and could not help whispering, "It's good if you don't bully others." "All the royal relatives and nobles like the King of Jin will be bullied, not to mention a lonely blind man." The fisherman stood up. He was dressed in a very ordinary way. At that moment, his broad white sleeve robe was full of wind. The cold leaves at the tip of the tree and the rippling moon waves make people's hearts surge with them. You are the son of the Xie family of Chen County, and a distinguished guest of Mincheng Hou Mansion. How can you be compared with the King of Jin? The slave of Tsing Yi was not convinced. It was all right for the master to make any jokes. How could he lower his status and drive with the son of the cheap maidservant. He's.. But The fisherman just waved his hand slightly and motioned to the slave to stop talking nonsense. "In the eyes of the world, I'm just a woman's boy pet." He raised his head, and the sun shone on his beautiful face, and his eyes were like glass beads, overflowing with a faint brilliance. Nope! That's not true! Hearing this, the Tsing Yi slave, regardless of the courtesy of the master and servant, suddenly looked up and retorted. The fisherman heard his voice and smiled faintly, "Ah Yan, if a blind man was bullied, would you carry a sword to vent your anger for me like Princess Jin?" Tsing Yi Nu saw his smile, his heart as if blocked a breath,car radiator cap, he followed the master for more than ten years, even if the master again humorous and indifferent, he all understand that smile. It contains something that no one knows. A Yan is willing to spell out his name for you and go through fire and water. Tsing Yi Nu knelt on one knee and said word by word. I don't like that. Take it back. The man turned his back, leaning on his cane, and walked forward step by step. He was blind, but he did not move slowly, as if his eyes had never been broken. The young boy in Tsing Yi took a deep breath and ran after him, "If anyone dares to provoke his master with his hands,alloy die casting, his hands will be broken; if anyone dares to provoke his master with his legs, the third leg will be broken; if anyone dares, his mouth will tear the rice." "Ha ha ha ha." Only then did the blind man laugh heartily, as if it was the happiest thing in the world to deliberately embarrass the young man and force him to say this. Only when he is really happy at this moment, he is the closest to the one who was famous all over the world. Xie, Ru, Qing. The author has something to say: The speed of the dog, do not know how to return a responsibility, is not fast ah ah, quickly whip the dog. The plot seems to be about to begin. Here we go.. Here we go.. Xiao Huihui: Entangled.. Should I get 40 points of favor in vain? Small slag: tangled.. Should I sleep with my wife in the name of drunkenness? Small blind, small clear, small true, chicken: Not to say only the size of broad beans? Feel it? Slag: Get out of here!!! Chapter 34 the old routine. Ming Yuehui walked to the door of the Liubei Pavilion and looked for Sima yuan's figure one by one from the scholars who came out. He was helped over by a kind-hearted man. When he saw her, Stainless steel foundry ,die casting parts, his eyes lit up. "Fangchen, Fangchen." Ming Yuehui helped him, and he leaned on her shoulder and rubbed his head against her. Why did you drink so much wine. Ming Yuehui suddenly smelled the smell of wine all over his body. He couldn't help smiling bitterly. He dared to drink because he didn't agree with the poem. The Shanyin Lanzhi wine prepared today was all drunk by the King of Jin and the Princess of Runan. The scholar also smiled bitterly. He said so quietly, just as Cheng Nianyun was holding the drunken Pei Qian, passing by them. After Pei was drunk, he was much more romantic than when he pretended to be serious just now. He half leaned on Cheng Nianyun's shoulder, and his cheeks were pale, which made him beautiful and beautiful. Cheng Nianyun half pursed his mouth, unable to see joy or anger. But anyone with a discerning eye can see that because of the existence of Pei Qian, Cheng Nianyun, who can only be called a middleman, was set off as a servant girl. Even if Ming Yuehui this kind of woman, when sees two people, the vision also absolutely will not move away from the drunk Pei shallow body. Originally wanted to borrow the winding water flowing cup of Shangsi Festival to step on Pei Qian's upper position, but Cheng Nianyun was carrying a stone to drop on his own feet. However Ming Yuehui looked at Pei Qian, who was walking away, and bumped the man on his shoulder. Sure enough, this is God creating an opportunity for two people. Sima yuan and Runan Princess Pei Qian, the educational level of these two people, can be said to be half a catty low. Two people to participate in the winding water flowing cup, how can be the opponent of those well-read scholars, must only drink the most wine, suffer the greatest degree of ridicule. Here Ming Yuehui wants to speak for his own son, Sima yuan has been imprisoned in the cold palace since childhood, did not receive a good education, coupled with long-term imprisonment, learning ability has declined is inevitable. Pei Qian is not the same, ah, she was born in a scholarly family, Pei yuanzhi invited her tutor is a great Confucian, the result? As a result, he was pulled to the same starting line as Sima yuan because of his low IQ. There is a child training system in the game. Every time a child is born in the harem, the system will display all the data of the child. Pei Qiansheng's children are always the most, the average appearance is always the highest, but the goose IQ. It can only be said that they all follow their mother very much. On the contrary, Cheng Nian's children are quite smart, but their personality labels are often: "cunning by nature", "cruel and naughty" and so on. Ming Yuehui can only say, can not afford to provoke, can not afford to provoke. The banquet at noon is set in the courtyard of the other courtyard, with winding corridors, luxuriant forests and bamboo, which has a unique interest. Ming Yuehui thought that if he did not go to the banquet, he would certainly brush the face of the host family. Pei yuanzhi and Lu Shi treated her so well that their ancestors knew that she was lonely by nature and protected her all the time,Magnetic Drain Plug, even allowing her not to attend the gathering between women's families. If she doesn't even go to this party, she's too self-righteous. Where are you going? Sima yuan was supported by Ming Yuehui and went to the courtyard step by step. His whole body was leaning on Ming Yuehui, and he felt that his thin body was very warm. He rubbed and closed his eyes gently.

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