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Ao Shi Jiu Tian

It is a pity. With Chu Yang, there is a natural alchemy furnace, as long as there is medicine, it is endless; with Wei Gongzi, there is no shortage of all elixirs.. If Wei Childe does not go up, less such a link, can only passively look for the finished product of the elixir, then, is almost cut off more than half of the function. Without medicine, it is basically equivalent to a clever housewife who cannot cook a meal without rice! "It's really a pity." Mo Tianji also sighed: "But we should not only respect the wishes of our friends, but also find ways to fulfill them.". Chu Yang is now a strong extortion, but more let me respect, if I do Mo Tianji, I really can not do this. After all, the temptation is too great. "And Wei Childe no matter how to do, no matter what to pay, in my opinion, it is difficult to offset the heavy light of an elf city." "But Chuyang can let this kind of thing happen quietly, in this matter, I believe that hundreds of millions of people may not be able to have a person so unselfish, but Chuyang has done it, really did it." Mo Tianji sighed: "From the time I discovered this,plastic pallet suppliers, I knew that I was really convinced by him, I am not as good as Chu Yang, this mind, I am not as good as all my life.." He looked at Mo Qingwu warmly: "Or you didn't find that from a few days ago, Chuyang was looking for you, and I didn't object at all?"? I will not be angry with you for bragging about him in front of me without restraint, just because he is worthy of your dependence, worthy of your boast,drum spill pallet, and worthy of your love with your heart. More worthy of my Mo Tianji's approval. Mo Qingwu face a red, immediately in the heart of shame and joy, there is an indescribable pride. This is Chuyang! The man I like! He's so different. Also, between our brothers, it is precisely because we have realized the essence of this matter that we are more United and more cohesive. Mo Tianji shook his head and said, "The brothers have always been very good, but two of them, Ao Xieyun and Xie Danqiong, have always been somewhat.." Faint out of place, although only a little bit, but always slightly estranged. The emotional foundation between the two of them and the rest of us is a little weaker; fundamentally speaking, it is just the result of the number of days. The fate of the nine plagues is inevitable, and the dragon and phoenix race is more indispensable, so it becomes one of the nine plagues by chance. But after all, not as good as Chuyang alone without injury, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic bulk containers, they have a deep feeling of fighting all the way from the next three days. "But, after this incident, that feeling has been infinitely reduced, and now in the past few days, it has almost completely disappeared, or today, or tomorrow, that little bit of incompatibility will completely disappear." "It's because of Chu Yang's action," said Mo Tianji. Or Chuyang himself has not yet realized this subtle change, but I have clearly found that personality charm, childlike behavior, intention to treat people, intentionally or unintentionally, good results come into being. "So this is also of great benefit to us." Some things don't need to be said because everyone knows it. But since you have asked today, I need to explain clearly. Mo Tianji said warmly, "Because you can only ask me about this, not Chu Yang or Dong Wushang." If you ask, it will make them very unhappy. Mo Tianji quietly added a sentence in his heart: or Chu Yang will not care about the explanation because of his love for Xiaowu, but Dong Wushang will certainly lose his temper: because he will think that the suspicion of Mo Tears is a blasphemy to the feelings between his brothers.. Of course, in the face of Mo Qingwu and Mo Tears, even if there is such a difference, Mo Tianji will not say it clearly, otherwise, the head is really kicked by a donkey. …… Mo Tianji Shi Shiran went out of the room and continued to participate in the bargaining and war of words with Wei Childe. The two daughters, Mo Qingwu and Mo Tears, were relatively silent. It was the two of us who thought simply. Mo Tears gave a wry smile and said, "Man.." It's really a man's heart, a needle under the sea. Clearly for the sake of others, clearly both sides understand things, but also to engage in a mystification, each other has long been tacit, on the surface but also to make tension, as if it is true, let the woman behind worry.. "It's really, really incomprehensible." Mo Qingwu smiled, and a kind of enlightenment rose in his eyes. He said slowly, "Or.." This is the so-called self-esteem of men. "" Mo Tears looked up at Mo Qingwu with some surprise and nodded thoughtfully: "Yes!" On the morning of the second day, the ten men who had quarreled in the middle of the night were all in high spirits. The nightmare of the debt was over, and about three hundred miles further on, as long as we turned the mountain, we could see the forest of our destination. Mr. Wei laughed. "I'm back at last!" Coming back this time is likely to realize his lifelong dream and accomplish his great cause of race. Completely untie the shackles of your own mind, and completely remove the ties that belong to your own race. Wei childe heart is full of infinite joy and ease; slightly turned to look at ChuYang, Wei childe eyes quietly flashed a trace of apology, a flash, too fast to be noticed by anyone, or others see also pretend not to see. Let me keep this apology in my heart for the rest of my life. Pretty good! The goal is getting closer and closer. Chu Yang also smirked: "It means that the day when you fulfill your promise is getting closer and closer.". Brother Wei, don't be stingy and go back on your word. You have to sell any medicine in the world. Even my Jiuzhong Dan has a source, but there is no place to buy it. ………… I made a mistake. Sanjiang is at 19:30 in the evening the day after tomorrow. Confused.. Hey. > The seventh chapter of the seventh chapter of the nine-fold Tianque wants to fight against the devils. ) Chapter 874 of the seventh book wants to fight the devils [the fourth watch!] Childe Wei was stunned. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Can't you make me happy for a while?"? Keep your mouth shut for a while and you can die,ibc spill containment pallet, can you not?! All the brothers burst out laughing; the more brazenly they talk, the more intimate their friendship will be. Everything is hidden and stuffed, how can we see the truth.

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