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Iron Pillar Cloud Flag-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

He didn't know how to paint, but the clouds and flags were all common things that were easy to paint. In addition, he felt that one of these two sentences implied that the forces of the Iron Bolt Palace had collapsed, which touched his heart. When he moved the sword to depict it, if he had the help of God, it was very vivid, and he was very hesitant and satisfied when he saw it. He put his sword into the scabbard, stuck it in his waist, and ran out of the inn. It was in the middle of the night, and there was no one around. Zhao Yuefeng ran out several feet, then turned around, pulled up the iron pillar inserted in the door of the inn, grabbed both ends with both hands, and used his internal force. The iron pillar should be bent by hand and never broken. As soon as he saw that it was not easy to break, he twisted it, and the three-foot-long iron pillar was finally twisted into a ring by him, fell to the ground, and walked away. In the dark, he ran along the road, hoping to meet the white donkey, to see who the wise man was, and to recapture the ancient sword of sinking sand. The next day, he walked for a whole day, but found no trace of the white donkey. He stopped searching and turned to the southwest, heading straight for Xinyang Prefecture in the south of Henan Province. After walking for more than ten days,CNC machining parts, he had already entered the territory of Henan, and there were no accidents along the way. Zhao Yuefeng tried his best to hide his whereabouts and live with the travelers on the road, so the journey was very slow. He tried his best to hide his whereabouts, but he was afraid that if the other party knew that he was going straight to Xinyang, he would remove the treasure of Huashan School in advance. At that time, if he wanted to recapture the treasure, he would have to spend a lot of time. After two days of walking, he had arrived in Gwangju, which was only a hundred miles away from Xinyang Mansion. Rest a night,car radiator cap, the next morning out of the city gate, walked seven or eight miles, then there are several riding quickly over his head, speeding away along the road. This road leads directly to Xinyang Mansion, which is a hundred miles away. All the merchants on the road are going to Xinyang. After this number of rides, there were several rides soon, and some merchants began to point and talk. Zhao Yuefeng mingled with them, listening to them talking about these knights, and soon heard that quite a lot of Wulin figures had recently gone to Xinyang Mansion to see a treasure in Jigong Mountain near Sanguan, Yiyang, south of Xinyang City. One of these merchants, a middle-aged fat man surnamed Wang, said that he had been to Jigong Mountain to see the treasure. Zhao Yuefeng couldn't help asking, "Where is that treasure?" Guest Wang said, "It's in the famous Xuandu Temple on Jigong Mountain. One side of Jigong Mountain is the territory of Henan Province, and the other side is the territory of Yingtian Hanging in Hubei Province. The top of the mountain is the junction of the two provinces.". Xuandu Temple is a scenic spot of Jigong Mountain. There are many tourists and incense is flourishing. We can all go there. Someone else asked, "Now that Brother Wang has seen the treasure, Investment casting parts ,Steel investment casting, what is it that deserves to be seen by many people in Wulin?" "This is a big one," said guest Wang. "It's just an old book. It's not a treasure. The book was placed in the first hall, covered with a glass box. I went over to have a look, and there were four words written on the old book, Liuhe Sword. Someone said, "Those of us who do business look down on this kind of thing, but people who practice martial arts have a different view from us. Just look at the many people who rush there.". Are there many guards in the hall? This is exactly what Zhao Yuefeng wanted to know, so he craned his neck to listen. "Of course," said the guest surnamed Wang. "There are seven or eight big men with swords and swords around the glass box. Their eyes are bigger than walnuts.." He thought for a moment and then added, "There seem to be three people beside me. I only remember that one of them was very beautiful, short and young." "Brother Wang has a lot of courage," said Zhao Yuefeng. "There's nothing to be afraid of," said the king. "There are many pilgrims in the hall. Everyone goes to the box to have a look. I'll go and have a look too. They won't blame me." Zhao Yuefeng thought to himself and looked up at the sky. He was eighty or ninety miles away from Xinyang. If he hurried, he could arrive after noon. But he must have found his whereabouts in the Iron Pillar Palace. After thinking about it, he decided to be patient for a day and still go with this group of people. He could arrive in Xinyang in the evening and go to Jigong Mountain tomorrow morning. Along the way this day, he saw Wulin figures on horseback coming and going. He recognized the origins of many of them from their costumes or weapons. He stayed in Xinyang at night. The next morning, he got up to pay the bill and walked out of the South Gate. There were already many tourists and businessmen on the way. He walked slowly among them and arrived at Xuandu Temple at the foot of Jigong Mountain. In his mind, this road should be guarded by the people of the Iron Pillar Palace, so he had already fallen into their eyes, so when he stepped into the gate, he did not flinch. He followed the visitors in twos and threes into the hall, his eyes quickly swept, only to see a square wooden table on the left side of the hall, with a glass box on the table. On all sides of the wooden table, there were strong clothes, and the big fellow with weapons stood. In addition, he did not see the master of the Iron Pillar Palace. He stood on one side to watch the movement, and two Wulin characters came in. The two men walked up to the wooden table, looked at it for a moment, then turned and went out, their faces darkened, and the watchmen ignored them. Then two tourists came forward, and immediately a big fellow moved his feet, pretending to touch the two men unintentionally, and the two men's bodies shook, and the big fellow walked away. The touch was so light that neither of the tourists cared. When Zhao Yuefeng noticed this situation, he suddenly thought, "I understand. If they see a Wulin character at a glance, they don't need to pay attention to it. On the contrary, they pay special attention to the fact that they look like tourists and pilgrims." As soon as the thought changed, he strode over with his chest out, put on a rough look, and went to the front of the wooden table. The big men only looked at him lightly, and then they all looked away. Zhao Yuefeng secretly laughed in his heart, and when he fixed his eyes on it, he saw an old book shaped like a classic, inscribed with four words of Liuhe Jian Xi, and six small words of Huashan Bu Mei Jing Lu. He thought to himself, "The name of the founder of the Huashan Sect is correct. This book of swords was originally written by this divine nun." Looking closely at the glass box, it was just a brocade mat, which was covered with glass and could be uncovered by reaching out. Just as he was about to stretch out his hand to uncover it, he suddenly thought that there must be a reason why this treasure of the Huashan Sect had been placed so carelessly. At that moment, he looked at a big fellow next to him and said, "Hey,deep draw stamping, is this sword book true or false?" The big fellow looked at him in surprise, as if puzzled by his boldness. "You're not blind," he said in a gruff voice. "Can't you see if it's true or not?" 。

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