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Tibet Code 5 _ He Ma _ txt Novel Paradise

Gangla's speed and strange way of fighting so that Mo Jin and others had to back together, the muzzle of the gun, so cautious, unexpectedly just to deal with a dog, even they can not believe it. The legendary sea blue beast, which runs like the wind, is running fast with its own life to defend what it wants to defend. But after seeing the blue light flash several times and disappear in the ice seat, it made Mo Jin and others more careful. Ivan breathed heavily. "Damn, running so fast, is it a mad dog?" "Mad dog?" Mo Jin does not think so, know to use sharp claws into the eyes, know to bite the throat, know how to use force rebound, in the air can also change the shape, what kind of dog is this? And what's even scarier That strange charm blue, in the rapid running unexpectedly with the surrounding ice sculpture color is somewhat similar, a little careless, the eyes lost the trace of that blue, it can be said that this is a very terrible specially trained fighting dog. Mo Jin walks around the world, it can be said that he has seen countless special dogs, but he has never seen such a terrible fighting beast, which is so terrible that he has a sense of fear and awe in his heart. Isn't it a mad dog? But it attacked us like crazy. Let's step back. Ivan was a little scared, too. Nope Merkin suddenly understood something and said,ibc spill pallet, "This dog is different from the dogs we usually see. It knows what happened just now and what we have done. It's coming for revenge.". No matter where you retreat, it will not let you go. "What should I do?"? Are you still trapped here by a beast? ? "Ivan is losing control, and the hand holding the gun is shaking.". "If that's the case.." Mo Jin sneered. He suddenly whispered a few words to Ivan. "Will this work?" Ivan asked in surprise. "Do it!" Merkin ordered. Ivan aimed the gun at the body of Okari lying on the ground, fired two shots first, but did not respond. When he pulled the trigger again, the blue light reappeared and blocked the second wave of bullets. The blue light stopped with a lament, and the blood immediately bloomed on the pure blue fur. Gangla trembled all over, her abdomen rose and fell violently,plastic pallet bins, and her red eyes stared at Merkin and others. Hit! "Ivan's face showed a cruel smile, was about to raise the gun to shoot again, suddenly a cold neck, turned a look, just to see a fist-sized ice brick rubbing Mo Jin's hairline hit.". Mo Jin backed away hurriedly. He looked up and exclaimed, "No!"! I'm afraid this place is going to collapse. ! Go back Back up! Originally, the thin dome of the ice palace was strafed by Mo Jin and others, unexpectedly hit a big crack, the pillar supporting the ice palace also appeared cracks, here crumbling, there is the possibility of collapse at any time. Mo Jin and others ignored Gangla and pulled back. Two slow-running militants screamed at the same time. Mo Jin turned his head and saw that they were cut in two by the huge ice falling from the top of their heads. Running out of the ice palace gate, I saw ice falling in the ice palace, Mo Jin looked at Ivan beside him, eight people went in, only two people came out, like a nightmare. He said to Ivan, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet price, "Let's go back first and see where Zhuo Mu Qiangba is." Inside the ice palace, the debris of falling ice was flying all over the sky. These shining ice crystals were like rain and dew, like snowflakes. Gangla whined in a low voice, trembling and climbing to Gangri. The blue color of its body faded rapidly with the gushing of blood, and soon turned back to the silvery white of snow. The traces of blood infiltration were like red plum blossoms on the snow. Good pain, if in peacetime, Gang Ri has long embraced himself, stroked his hair, why, Gang Ri ignored me? Gunra endured the intense pain. Go back to Okaguchi, sniff him, lick him. Although Gangri did not say a word, as long as he leaned against him, Gangla felt less pain. Very cold! Gangla struggled to climb onto Gangri. Crouched down and curled up on Okari's chest. Gangri's chest is always warm, I'm tired, Gangri. Gangla gazed at Gangri affectionately and fell asleep sweetly, as if he had dreamed of the white elf held high by Gangri. I really miss the feeling of being held in the palm of your hand, go back, go back to the place where you came from. A huge wooden ice wall fell down impartially and sealed their resting place. After tying up the fixed point, a group of people formed a rope dragon and began to advance towards the westerly belt with difficulty. Because the wind blows from the back to the front, everyone is moving backwards. Everyone straightens his legs and leans back. His body is almost at an angle of 30 degrees to the ground. If he does not pull the main rope, he will be blown up immediately. Now they believe that the villagers at the foot of the mountain are not lying. Every time you walk a distance, you have to find a place to bury the fixed pile to prevent the huge pulling force from pulling the single steel drill out of the frozen soil or breaking the main rope. After about two hundred steps, it gradually entered the core area of the westerly belt. Sand and stones filled the sky, occasionally hitting the helmet, making a crisp steel sound, we need to tighten our muscles, in order to resist the strong wind in the westerly belt. Wearing heavy clothes, you can also feel that there is a wall pushing you forward in your chest, which is irresistible to human beings. What is more terrible is that occasionally there are stones the size of a millstone, flying across the air, while fighting against the sharp wind, while avoiding the flying stones like cannonballs, the team began to worry. Thanks to the advice of Professor Fang Xin and Captain Hu Yang, Yueyang, who had the best observation, was responsible for the decision, Zhang Li and Basang paid attention to the left and right respectively, and Zhuo Mu Qiangba, who was the highest, looked ahead. Fifty meters away, it was covered by fog, and nothing could be seen. The huge stone was coming, and it was frightening to be hit by it. Suddenly there was a roar from the left rear, and Yueyang said, "Encounter at five o'clock." The formation immediately lay low, the crampons pedaled the frozen soil, the hands tightened the rope, and the body was almost in a straight line with the ground. With a whoosh, a football-sized stone flew over the queue,plastic pallet manufacturer, followed by a computer desk-sized stone on the right, which was blown forward by the wind. The football-sized stone collided with the computer desk-sized stone. The rubble cracked on the spot, and the small stone turned into a lump of powder.

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