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Blood Succession Limit (Wu Dagger)

Sima Ao stabbed Li Lin in the chest with a sword in his right hand. But it was fended off by Qianyu Cher's sword. When Sima Ao saw it, he hurried back to the sword and turned to Qianyu Cher, but before the sword was half out, he stopped hurriedly and jumped away. It turned out that Ouyang Chunli had already fallen behind her, and two punches came out again. Sima Ao felt the breath of the flow of internal force, and then hurriedly broke the sword and jumped away. But see Ouyang Chunli belt fluttering, like a fairy falling, and Qianyu Cher Li Lin two people stand side by side. Yu Yan and He Jun also walked forward at this time, five people standing in one place, looking directly at Sima Ao in front of them. At that moment, suddenly, a touch of white light from the eyes of all, quickly flashed, from the side of Sima Ao out. A figure swished two steps and jumped out. It is Xu Zhe and his seven-tone gun. Sima Ao knew that he had left an enemy, just did not see Xu Zhe, the heart is already suspicious, guard against, so this blow, has long been in his expectations, he jumped after the jump, but also to escape. Six against one, isn't it impossible to win?! Sima Ao, carrying his long sword, floated to the ground and said slowly, "And there are five artifacts to besiege me alone." "The Sima clan used to occupy a large number of people. They did a lot of things to bully a small number of people. Today we are just giving them a taste of their own medicine." When Li Lin heard this, he chuckled, looked at Sima Ao, and said disapprovingly. Don't talk nonsense with him. Now that you've done it, just take the life of the dog thief. Ouyang Chunli saw the confrontation again, threw down a word, the body has been flying out, standing in front of Xu Zhe saw, quite a gun, two people first formed the first wave, toward Sima Ao ran. Behind the four people saw, also hurriedly move, catch up. See Sima ao hands holding the sword, then a move, step back, but still fast but the hands and feet of the six people. Jumped up a tall tree next to it. He pinched out a sword formula with his left hand and muttered something silently in his mouth. The crowd was far away and could not hear clearly. At that moment, suddenly the round altar at the foot of the crowd began to tremble. Six people get to know each other, each guarding a direction. Be careful, this Sima Ao, like Sima Xi, will make some strange moves and call out some snow wolves to help him. He Jun, carrying the red steel whip, said with a sophisticated mind. On the top of the copper, they saw the power of the blood wolf. At this time, they had a bottom in their hearts and were not nervous. They just waited for the snow wolf to appear. But after a while, there was still no sign of the snow wolf. At that moment, Li Lin suddenly let out a scream. With a wave of his right broadsword, he slashed down to the ground. But an unknown object disappeared from his feet with a whoosh. When they were confused, Li Lin rolled up his trouser legs, but saw two red wounds the size of the eye of a needle, which were gurgling out with blood. Li Lin, side impact beams ,beam impact tubes, what's wrong with you? Yu Yan walked up to him, looked at the wound on his calf, and asked with concern. I was bitten by something. It was so fast that I couldn't see it clearly. As soon as the voice fell, he saw him covering his calf in pain. Not good, poisonous! Yu Yan looked at the two needle-like wounds, which turned black and purple to the naked eye. He was frightened and said, "Be careful at your feet. Don't be bitten. This thing is poisonous." When they heard this, they were all more careful and looked around at their feet. The top of this round altar is uneven, and the ravines are vertical and horizontal, of different sizes, but what is it that is so small and extremely fast. While everyone was still thinking. The earth above the round altar suddenly shook a few times. It's like an earthquake. And that Sima Ao, standing on the tree, was still talking. It's just that the sword formula on the left hand has been changed. Careful! There's a snake! At that moment, suddenly Xu Zhe's pike once poked the ground in front of him. When the head of the pike was picked up, there was a black and red snake hanging on it. The snake was pierced by a seven-tone gun and hung on it, struggling and twisting into a roll. Spit out the new red letter, a mouth, as expected, two fangs. "With this damn thing, this damn thing bit me!" Li Lin saw, suddenly remembered, just a flash of things, it is this appearance, black and red, soft body, instantly disappeared in the cracks in the ground. Li Lin struggled, got up and stood firm, threw his right broadsword, and cut the snake above the head of the seven-tone gun into two sections. Ha ha ha ha! Li Lin stopped and burst out laughing. But the others had a heavy face and a frightened look in their eyes. Li Lin turned around, but found that not far behind him, around the round altar, I do not know where, climbed out of a flower snake, densely intertwined together, but the speed is not slow. The crowd turned pale with fright. The snakes were of different sizes and colors, and they all looked very unfriendly. Just when they were surprised, they saw that all the snakes had climbed into the gully above the round altar, and they suddenly realized that the gully was specially used for snakes to hide. Ah, I'm afraid of snakes! Ouyang Chunli saw the dense snakes, in the gully, kept shuttling around, suddenly like a little girl, squeezed into the middle of the crowd, panicked and shouted. The imposing appearance just now suddenly disappeared and became like a little girl of seven or eight years old. With a red face, he looked at the snake in front of him and said with an angry look on his face. Looking at these snakes, Yu Yan also had a bad feeling. At that moment, his left hand suddenly became cold, and he was startled, thinking that he had been attacked by a poisonous snake. As a result, he looked down and saw that it was the hand of Qianyu Cher. She took Yu Yan's left hand, shook it, looked at a white snake in front of her, and said in a trembling voice, "Yu Yan, snake, snake, snake!" Yu Yan took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and said,aluminium coated tubes, "I know. I saw it. The one in front of me is much more powerful than the one you're looking at." He pointed to a big snake in front of him, which was thicker than his arm, and said with some helplessness.

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