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Qiu Zidong was taken to the police station for a series of interrogations. He did not say that he had been a mayor before, but the police decided that he was a garbage collector and would let him go. As soon as he said this, the police became suspicious: "Just you?"? Used to be mayor ?” "Yes." He said. Several policemen shook their heads and put him in a small dark room. Either he was too busy with his official duties to attend to him for a while, or he was forgotten by an oversight in his work. He stayed in that small dark room for a day and a night, and he was so hungry that he fainted. When several policemen suddenly remembered him and opened the door, he was lying half dead on the ground. Wutong Rain/Sick Rain 4 After Qiu Zidong was released by the police station, he still did not return to Yau Ma Tei. It's autumn again. The city is in the rain, every day in the rain. The road is wet, the house is wet, the clothes, hair and face of the people are wet. When the rain stops for a while, a handful of air can squeeze out water. Tick tock, tick tock. The trunk of the sycamore tree was washed bright by the rain, and the leaves, after drinking the rain, relaxed one by one. Everywhere the Chinese parasol tree, the rain can not fall directly to the ground,ultrasonic metal welding, the leaves of the Chinese parasol tree like clouds and smoke catch the rain first, and then they drip the rain down. Rain does not seem to be the world, but under the Chinese parasol tree. The unique woody fragrance of the sycamore tree wafted through the air. Qiu Zidong walked in the sycamore rain, with a haggard face and a tired body. The wet Qiu Zidong looks even older. His back was so hunched and his feet so weak that he could no longer walk with his feet high and magnificent as before, and his feet almost dragged the ground. His clothes were thin and he kept coughing. Although he is still picking up garbage, but the garbage has become very slow,ultrasonic cutting machine, a lot of waste that can be picked up and sold for money have been picked up by those who are quick with their eyes and hands. He can't afford it. I should go back to Yau Ma Tei. He deeply suspected that perhaps Du yuanchao did not have this house at all. He looked at the city and its Chinese parasol trees and the endless rain of Chinese parasol trees with confused eyes. After carefully counting the money he had saved from picking up garbage several times, he began to calculate his return to Yau Ma Tei: to take a bath in the bathroom, to go to the barber shop for a haircut and shave, to go to the store to buy a new suit of clothes, a new pair of shoes, a scarf for his wife, and a cheap toy car for his son. Say to the people in Yau Ma Tei: I don't want to work in my friend's engineering team. I'm too old to bear that kind of hardship. I'm back.. His eyes are moist when he thinks of Yau Ma Tei. The rain is falling at will, which makes people upset and makes people feel that there is no way out for the day. Qiu Zidong dragged a heavy bag full of waste and walked under the sycamore tree. The rain fell from the leaves of the sycamore trees and watered the already wet ground. His thin, gray hair, washed by the rain, clung to his pale forehead. His body leaned forward by a wide margin, and even so, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, the bulging bag behind him followed him only very slowly. The bag made a clean mark on the road. When he was thirsty, he sucked the rain that ran to the corners of his mouth. The rain flowed down after soaking the leaves of the sycamore tree for a while, and there was a bitter smell. The rain is getting heavier and heavier, and the sycamore leaves can no longer be blocked. The bag behind him was getting heavier and heavier, and he wanted to give it up, but finally he grabbed the bag tightly and dragged it forward. Marching to an inclined street. The rain poured down without restraint, and the leaves of the sycamore tree could no longer bear it, tilting one by one, forming numerous small waterfalls as the water flowed down from the leaves. Qiu Zidong was choked by the rain and coughed repeatedly. He finally threw away the bag and went to the eaves of a house. He crouched down and leaned his back against the wall. The rain formed a stream on the ground and rushed before his eyes. Watching, he actually squatted on the ground and fell asleep. The sound of rain. Yau Ma Tei actually came to his sleep: the river, the bridge, the boat, the reeds, the rain.. There was still a warm smile on the corners of his mouth. A passer-by saw him squatting motionless on the ground, a little worried, stopped to observe carefully, suddenly saw him rippling with laughter, can not help but feel a little cold back, hurriedly walked away. The sycamore tree changes the original shape of the rain and falls in various ways. But down to the ground, it is the same, the same flow everywhere. The water on the ground gradually rose and submerged Qiu Zidong's feet. He was still asleep, and even if the wind blew and the sycamore tree swayed and dropped drops of water on his face, it could not wake him up. The door of the house opened, and a woman, carrying a basin of water for washing her feet, looked up at the watery sky and casually poured out the water in the basin. When the basin of water had opened into a thin expanse in the air, she suddenly saw a man crouching under the wall, and the basin of water was pouring on his head, and she could not help exclaiming. This basin of water for washing feet finally woke up Qiu Zidong. As he wiped the dripping water with his hand, he looked at the woman. Perhaps the water made him unable to open his eyes for a moment. Perhaps he just woke up and his eyes were blurred for a moment. The woman in front of him was just a vague shadow. But the woman saw him clearly, and the wooden basin in her hand fell to the ground, splashing countless muddy drops of water. Picking celery! Cheng Caiqin ! After Qiu Zidong's eyes gradually recovered, he looked at the woman and trembled all over. Picking celery looked at Qiu Zidong, who was squatting on the ground and seemed unable to get up. He was stunned and stood there like a log, unable to move. Qiu Zidong tried to make himself stand up, but his body was not obedient, so he had to squat there as before. Picking celery finally came over, bent down,ultrasonic extraction cbd, grabbed Qiu Zidong's right hand with both hands, and pulled him up from the ground. She supported him and tried to help him into the house. But when Qiu Zidong's foot was about to touch the threshold, he refused to go into the door. Go in. Picking celery pushed hard on his back. Qiu Zidong hesitated for a moment and stepped into the door. Cai Qin supported Qiu Zidong and asked him to sit on a chair.

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