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Thesis Writing

A thesis is an original work produced by a student while enrolled in a master's or doctoral program at the University. A good argument is based on exhaustive research, offers rigorous reflection and critical analysis, presents in detail the method used, provides exact results and includes a systematic verification of all statements of fact.



  • Thesis proposal
  • Work plan
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Revision
  • Corrections
  • Thesis seminar


A doctoral thesis is a long research task requiring rigor and creativity. This work faces several difficulties and requires excellent organization, planning and motivation. 

  • How to get started?
  • Too stressful deadlines?
  • Not enough time?
  • To perfectionist?
  • Lack of data?
  • Unreliable generalization?
  • Too many variables?


A sharp critical mind, perfect essay writing, the ability to accumulate observations and conduct an experimental study, explain the methodology of analysis, estimation, modelling - these are qualities that are required for writing thesis.

The doctoral college adopts two cases for writing the thesis manuscript:


  • A so-called traditional way: the writing of the thesis manuscript conforms to the disciplinary model and the environment of each thematic doctoral school. Depending on a particular context (a joint supervision thesis or co-supervision).


  • The thesis by articles which allows integrating articles published or ready to be published in peer-reviewed journals recognized in the disciplinary field of the argument: this type of writing poses three problems:
    • As Poitiers establishments have adopted the legal deposit of the case and its dissemination, all thesis manuscripts are subject to "anti-plagiarism" software; care should be taken to qualify the high rate of the percentage of similarities that creeps in, that of a case of classic plagiarism
    • Indeed, this eminently important task for the preservation of the quality of the doctoral degree, must in no case be reduced to commenting on or contradicting the references of published articles.


The doctoral student must be the principal author of the articles, respect the rights of the co-authors and verify the distribution rights by the contract established with the editor of the journal.

The thesis must be writtenunless a waiver to write in English has been granted (according to current tuition regulations).

It is, therefore, up to the reviewers to judge whether the thesis manuscript meets the quality requirements expected of thesis work (scientific value and personal contribution).

The rapporteurs must not be co-authors of the articles included in the thesis, nor did they already publish with the doctoral student


1. - Mastery of the knowledge of two other words ​​are part of the fundamental objectives of education.


2. - The style of teaching, exams and competitions, as well as theses and dissertations in public and private educational establishments is English, except where justified by the necessity of teaching regional languages ​​and cultures or foreign, or when the teachers are associate professors or international guests.


Different schools or schools especially open to accept pupils of foreign nationality, as well as establishments providing an education of an international nature, are not subject to this obligation.

The thesis by articles must, therefore, meet the standards for the presentation of thesis manuscripts from Poitiers establishments, namely:


Consequently, the thesis manuscript must be structured and can be organized according to the following progression:

  • A general introduction
  • State of the art including elements of methodology presentation and positioning of the contribution in the bibliographic space; this section must lead to the establishment of a problem and the perspective of the articles about each other
  • A presentation and integration of each of the items which must be designed to constitute a chapter or part of a section of the thesis,
  • A general discussion of the results
  • A conclusion.
  • The thesis may contain appendices and a section grouping together bibliographic references.

The stakeholders (doctoral student and thesis supervisor) must ensure that copyright is respected and that the possible release of one or more articles does not hinder the dissemination of the thesis.


Language of thesis writing

The standard for writing the thesis dissertation is English. However, writing in English can be authorized according to the rules stipulated by the registration establishments.


In the case of joint theses or with the European label, refer to the texts and conventions in force.


By the provisions of article 21, on doctoral training, the writing of the thesis manuscript can be done in a foreign language provided that a substantial summary supplements it in English.

The language used for the writing and the defense, will also be indicated in the co-supervision agreement.


The Guide for the writing and presentation of theses for doctoral indicates that the substantial summary must appear in the introductory pages of the manuscript (pages following the title page and precede the table of contents).


Presentation of the thesis

There is no model proposed at the doctoral school.  Models of presentation of the bibliography and the title page are given in appendices.




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