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How to choose an agency specialized in Inbound marketing


If you want your brand to have visibility on the Internet, but you don't know how to achieve it, you will need the help of an agency specialized in Inbound marketing . Many companies that decide to do it on their own, sometimes do not end up having the expected results.

However, it is very important that you carefully analyze the options in this market. Because many of these agencies assure that they know how to work this type of strategy, but in practice they do not apply it. It is essential that they have the necessary knowledge to correctly execute the Inbound methodology .

Applying good technique is what will attract new customers through non-intrusive advertising . But this can only be achieved by a really good specialized inbound marketing agency.

Benefits of working with a specialized agency

Before learning how you can choose an agency specialized in Inbound marketing, it is important that you know the benefits that doing so will generate. Once you meet them, you won't want to wait any longer to hire one, so pay attention to what you'll see below:

  • Increase traffic and leads: by having a trained marketing team, the creation of quality content is achieved. This is what increases web traffic and attracts prospects to your site.
  • Conversion of leads: the creation of good content brings with it the conversion of users into leads. This is done by the agency through calls to action, landing pages , forms and contact management.
  • New customers: to achieve the final conversion, the specialized team will guide the user in the purchase process. They can do it through an email marketing strategy , for example.
  • Less costs: this can undoubtedly represent the most striking advantage. And is that according to a study by HubSpot Spotlighting Latin America , the sales opportunities generated by the Inbound methodology cost approximately 63% less than traditional ones.
  • Metric results: they allow you to know the results that your campaigns have had through metrics and reports . This way you will know if they were really effective, and what you should improve for the next ones.

Learn how to choose an agency specialized in Inbound marketing

Choosing a specialized inbound marketing agency is not an essentially complicated task. Although given the enormous amount of offer, it is worth taking into account some essential aspects:

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1.- Study the experience of the agency

When choosing, you have to analyze many aspects that will tell you if it is the right agency for your company. As you already know, many know the concept of inbound marketing, but not all know how to put it into practice. And that is precisely why you should study the experience you have in the market.

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How can you know this information? What you have to do is ask them directly how long they have been working in that area and what their specialties are. Also, what is their Inbound background, the type of strategies they have implemented and which brands they have worked with.

It is key that you can know their client portfolio, since when you see the websites you will realize if they are really optimized . But what should you evaluate in them? Easy, just see if they have attractive and valuable blogs, landing pages and calls to action. They are also likely to have content offerings, such as e-books , webinars, among others.

In addition to everything mentioned, it is essential that you make sure that the team knows the tools. You can ask them what method they use to measure their projects, if they work with Inbound Sales, etc. Also, look at the tool they use to send email marketing, and how they generate interaction on social networks .

2.- Find out if they are a Hubspot partner

Why is this an important aspect? This is because the HubSpot software platform is responsible for supporting the Inbound methodology. It is one of the most recognized in the market, since it helps to apply the strategy to attract visitors, convert them into leads, and then into customers.

It should be noted that only HubSpot has the ability to implement the methodology with other marketing automation systems . Given the need for agencies to affiliate with this software, they created the following Partner classification system:

  • Silver: in this case, they allow partner agencies (with little experience) to be in the partner directory. This means that they can have access to new HubSpot products prior to their launch.
  • Gold: Growth agencies in this ranking receive the most support from HubSpot. Additionally, they can access the “Inbound” and “Partner Day” events , in which they gain more experience.
  • Platinum: the last category is the highest of all, in which are the most competitive agencies in the market. Being at this level means that they are carefully and rigorously evaluated by HubSpot, as they are allowed into the interagency M&A program.

3.- Check your featured cases

There is no better way to confirm the good work of an agency specialized in Inbound marketing than by looking at their success stories. For this reason, it is imperative that before choosing you make a thorough review of what they did to achieve their goals and what were the results they delivered to their clients.

This will give you the possibility to know if it is a good idea to hire her, and it also gives you a better vision of whether she has a really trained team to apply the Inbound methodology. This may be the key to making your decision.

4.- Know their culture

Beyond the achievements that an agency may have within this market, you also have to know its organizational culture. Because surely you want to work with a team that is just as productive and responsible as your company. It is a way of maintaining the harmony between the two, which will make the feedback flow .

Remember that if your workers and those of the agency are in a comfortable working environment, it will be easier for them to carry out their activities. It is about seeing what the values ​​that guide each one are and determining if it is what you are looking for . This will achieve an immediate connection, not only between companies, but also between the individuals that comprise them.

This is where what is known today as the humanization of brands comes into play . That it aims to get closer to employees and customers to show that this is one of its values.

5.- Analyze your experience in marketing automation

Currently, there is an aspect in marketing that is becoming more relevant every day. It's about marketing automation. For that reason, it is necessary that you analyze the experience that the agency has in this case and the tools it uses to carry out this process.

Marketing automation is the one in charge of automating the processes of a digital marketing strategy, through specialized platforms. It helps you in segmentation, workflow generation, lead nurturing and campaign management.

Additionally, having such software can design landing pages and web pages. It also provides the ability to blog, create email templates, monitor social networks, and manage topic clusters . All of this is part of a good content strategy.

Key questions before choosing

You already know what are the main steps you should follow before making a decision. But it is also important that you know the key questions you have to ask yourself before choosing an agency specialized in Inbound marketing, so pay attention:

  • The first is what does it offer you? Think that you are going to face a market with a lot of competition. Therefore, it is necessary that you be clear about the benefits and solutions that the agency will offer you.
  • Second, you must ask yourself if it fits your budget . Many agencies put a fixed cost but you must evaluate if you can pay it or you can also request a personalized plan.
  • Also ask yourself , who will work with your company? Make sure you have a multidisciplinary team. This means that, not only should there be experts in Inbound, but also in copywriting , designers, web programmers ... The work of each one is what will achieve the perfect application of the methodology.
  • Finally, there is the following question: What will the planning be in a given time? To do this, the agency must present you with a calendar that reflects the dates of the diagnosis, planning and execution of the strategy.

Yes now! You already have everything you need to choose the right agency specialized in Inbound marketing. As you can see, you have to do a thorough study that may take a while, but then you will see that, thanks to that, you made a good decision.

To facilitate the entire process, at Antevenio we can help you create an effective Inbound Marketing strategy . We will help you identify your audience to connect with it and thus you can obtain loyal customers. Even turning them into ambassadors for your brand. What are you waiting for? Don't think about it anymore and take the test now.





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