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Post Info TOPIC: Here's Why Fitted Sheets are a Worthy Investment?


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Here's Why Fitted Sheets are a Worthy Investment?

Imagine you have a hard day at the office, and all you want is to cook dinner, chill out, and sleep comfortably. But as soon as you jump in your bed, you realize that the sheets are rumpled, and the bedding feels quite uncomfortable. This is the worst ever feeling that one is likely to have after a long and tiring day. To avoid this and enjoy a restful and sound sleep, you are advised to use fitted sheets in place of flat sheets. 

No matter if you have a double, king, or emperor king-size bed, you will find the premium quality king, emperor king-size, and double fitted sheets for your bed. They come in a wide range of fabrics, sizes, color schemes, and designs to ensure that you get the write sheets you are looking for in no time. 

In this article, we have found everything you should know about fitted sheets, along with a comparison of flat and fitted sheets to help you have a better understanding and make an educated guess while you are shopping for double fitted sheets or any other next time.

How to choose appropriately fitted sheets?

Typically, fitted sheets have elastic on all the corners or all around. This elastic is sewn inside the fabric, and it is meant to hold the sheet firmly in place. They come in the size of the mattress, anything to make your bed look needed without any tangles. Fitted sheets go directly over the mattress for the mattress pad and stay in place unless you detach them personally. This means that no matter how the bed is being used, it will always stay needed and crease-free.

When purchasing the extra deep fitted sheets, you must know the precise length, width, and thickness of your mattress to ensure that the sheets fully snugly cover the bed and do not come off. The wrong size will mess up the whole look, as well as not. It is worthy of mentioning here that there is nothing like one-size-fits-all, so do not fall for it no matter how hard the seller tries to convince you.

Why do we need fitted sheets?

  1. There are a number of reasons one can go for them. Some people like to cover their mattresses and the mattress pad in order to prevent daily wear and tear and keep their mattresses clean and comfortable. They increase the average lifetime of the beds, keeping them in the right condition for as long as possible by absorbing all the sweat, body fluids, moisture, oils, and dust. 

  2. This keeps the fibers of the mattress in the right condition preventing the damage and increasing their lifespan, which saves you money in the long run that you are likely to spend on frequent replacements.

  3. Another reason for using it is that sleeping on a rumpled bed feels quite uncomfortable. So using fitted sheets solves this problem permanently. They always keep your bed looking organized, tidy, and crease-free. Moreover, if they are used in a child's bedroom, there is a chance of falling, ensuring that your child has a secure sleep. 

  4. They also save you quite a lot of time that you will spend on making your bed every morning. So if you are a busy person and always in a rush, they are the best go-to choice to keep your bedroom tidy and organized without spending much time on it.

How are they different from flat sheets?

Flat shapes are also called the top sheets. They are placed on the bottom shades or are used in combination with the blanket while sleeping. They are multi-purpose. You can think of them as an extra layer of warmth and softness in both cases. They have to stay cool in summer by observing your body moisture and keeping you dry and cool all night whereas in the winter they act as a guard against droughts and provide you with a cozy space.


You can directly use them over the mattress if you do not have the fitted sheets and the corners and there it. But there is no guarantee that it will stay in place and always make the bed look neat and tidy.

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