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Post Info TOPIC: How to Ace Process Essays(And Have Fun Doing It)


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How to Ace Process Essays(And Have Fun Doing It)


The word process essay causes one to picture an item moving around a factory production line. Or maybe a scientific process that has many intricate stages to it. With a word evoking such factory-like imagery, it is hard for an essay writer with no prior knowledge, to gravitate towards it. The students are turning to myperfectpaper for all their academic needs. From United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Australia (AU) to Canada (CA) we've got you covered!



Process essays are in fact the opposite of boring:

  • How to throw a party and not get caught?
  • How to get the day off of school like Ferris Bueller?
  • How to do a backflip without breaking your neck, face, or your pinky.?
  • How to stand on both your feet?
  • How to say ‘No’ without saying no?


They can be certainly useful:

  • How to study smart?
  • How to stop a panic attack when you get one?
  • How to critique a movie?
  • How to enhance your reading speed?
  • How to make yourself stand out in a group?

What is a Process Essay

As you would have already guessed: a process essay is a how-to essay. It certainly is!

It is a step by step guide that is intended for assisting the reader in completing a task from start to finish. It is divided into various steps that are required to finish the task, and each step is explained in detail. GradSchoolGenius has the perfect dissertations and projects for any student studying in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada (CA), and Australia (AU).



Each process essay is written and fashioned in a way that it should guide a person, with no previous experience, to finish a task with success.


Structure of a Process Essay

A process essay like every other formal essay is divided into three parts: Introduction, Body Paragraph, and Conclusion. 


In the first paragraph, you will write why the readers should read the essay. A hook will help you capture the reader’s attention, and give a strong start  You will tell your readers why the specific process is important and why he or she needs it. 


After adding a few general details about the process you reach the thesis statement of your essay. The thesis statement here, unlike other essays, doesn’t need to restate what you are going to write about. It can give a process overall in a sentence or two.


Body Paragraph

The body paragraphs should be divided into various stages of the process. It is recommended to group various process steps using a combination of chronology and similarity. EssayHours is the go-to essay writing service for students in Australia (AU), United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Canada (CA) looking to buy essays online.


The body paragraph should leave no detail regarding the step. Care should be taken to mention each item and instrument needed to fulfil each task. The potential miscommunications and confusion on tasks should be cleared out and the task difficulty should be mentioned when required.



The conclusion goes over the salient points of the process and restates the thesis, ending in the result or the final product of the process. 


The Writing


Before starting to write it is important to do your homework.


Target Audience

You will be writing according to your audience. If they are versed in the topic, you can skip the basics. While if they are new to the topic you will have to leave no detail and offer an ease of reading.


Outlining With the List of Materials Needed

It’s better to write down the process on a paper or structure it using an online tool. This will be the blueprint of your body paragraph. Moreover, it will come handy to make sure you note down all the materials needed to finish each task.


Good Writing

Good writing in the context of process essays is the use of clear language that is easily understandable. You should make good use of transition words and phrases, such as, next, afterwards, at the same time, before that, at the end of which, etc. 


You should at the end of the essay give a clear description of the final product, for the readers to match with theirs. Without which they won’t find any closure.  The team at is made up of professional, experienced writers who have been trained to write top-notch essays for students from the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Australia (AU), and Canada (CA).






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