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It's my sea.

Perhaps this is the fate, is the destiny, is doomed the matter, does not need the reason. I have long been used to your side, accustomed to your overbearing, accustomed to your silence. Used to take a cold bath with you, used to try every means to tease you, used to your breathing. I am also used to you holding my hands and wrapping my long hair with your fingers. You said that my hair was beautiful, as if I had life. What I always say in bed: "Let's ***." What you always say in your ear: "Let's sleep." "Why not me?" "I'm waiting for you to forget the person in your heart." Tears poured out of my eyes without restraint. I have long forgotten him, you overbearing aggressor. Finally, I got tired of the monotonous layout and smell of the hotel. Our cold shower changed to the very first place, and then to the apartment you bought for me. I played the game of chase and evasion until I finally caught a cold. You are quietly watching me with a high fever. I close my eyes and listen to you go in and out for me. On a thunderstorm night,heavy duty plastic pallet, I lay in bed and counted the lightning quietly, carefully distinguishing the footsteps in the corridor. When you open the door and come back, you still get wet with an umbrella. I groped and trembled and stroked your strong chest, unbuttoned your chest one by one, and pasted my hot body. I look at you with no provocation in my eyes. There is no more sorrow in your eyes when you look back. I gently worship your body with my lip mask. You gently slip your desire into my emptiness. The tearing pain was so real that I couldn't help shedding a few tears. Suck your treasures into your mouth. I bite your shoulder hard. The passion receded and my fingers ran over the teeth marks. This is the mark I left on you. Next life,mobile garbage bin, I can find you with it. You smiled and pecked my lips. No need. No matter where you flee to, to the ends of the earth, I will be by your side. Momo-5 "Wu" I was really happy when I was with you. You brought out the joy of being in love that I never had in my life. My friend said that I have a kind of light that has never appeared in my bones. The light even attracted him back to the city. Abandoned me, he tried to save, fervent pursuit. I looked at your firm eyes, and my heart never wavered. I thought we would always be so happy around each other. I thought I was your only choice in this life. I am happy to tell you that I am pregnant with life, waiting for your proposal, waiting for your commitment, from now on hand in hand for a lifetime, wholesale plastic pallet ,collapsible bulk container, never separated. On such a familiar snowy night. Snowflakes are falling, blowing through my body and cooling my heart. You put me in his hands. You really took my loud slap. I look into your eyes, where the sadness that has not appeared for a long time hurts my heart. You quietly moved away from our home without leaving any reason. I quietly climb on the bed holding your pillow, but you have already changed the pillowcase, even your smell, did not leave me. Every night, I have to get drunk before I can sleep. It's just to help the drunken man, and it's him. I may not be able to see the road under my feet, take my purse by mistake, and recognize my mobile phone by mistake, but I have never regarded him as you. I pushed him away again and again, and I called your name loudly in the empty street. I thought you said you'd always be there for me. Why? Are you leaving me like this. He came over and tried to hold me. I pushed him away again and crashed into the car coming towards me. After four hours of rescue, I lost your flesh and blood. The only thing you left me. You did not appear, nor did you say a word. There is no longer any hope for my life. I have nothing, even the tears have dried up. Momo-6 "Lu" It's winter again. It is dry and cold, and there is no snow so far. I don't have to take care of it anymore. I live on my own. He still often comes to see me and tells me some stories to amuse me. He said, "Forget it. Don't make yourself miserable." I said, "If I forget him, I will forget myself." "Don't you resent him?" "I prefer the feeling of loving him." At that moment, I seemed to see your shadow in his eyes again. That plaintive look in his eyes. He gave up the meaningless chase and retreated to the position of a friend. Time is the best painkiller. Or maybe time just numbs me. I went back to my old life. Every day I go to Momo to take care of my long-neglected work. Fortunately, the support of friends did not let it disappear. Familiar guests and friends, sincere comfort and tease. Everything seems to have gone back to the past. Nothing seems to have changed. I thought I would spend the rest of my life like this. But you suddenly appeared in the corner. With the familiar look of sadness. Through the space, through the time, once again I firmly enveloped in the middle. My heart clenched and I bit my lips to keep myself from crying. Tears fell on the bar drop by drop, mixed with the blood dripping from the corners of the mouth. I raised my hand to wipe away the water and ran away crazily. I ran in the silent night in my thin clothes. Eventually, exhausted, I fell to the side of the road. Cold snowflakes came from the dark sky and fell on my face instead of my tears. The body is very cold, cold to numbness, but can not compare with the pain in the heart. The moment my consciousness broke away,plastic pallet manufacturer, I wanted to die like this. Momo-7 "Qi" Wake up in a familiar bedroom, and the air will smell like you. I turned my face, only to see his worried eyes and your letter by the bed. I tore up the letter with the pale yellow envelope and threw it at you through the window. Scraps of paper drift and fall at your feet like snowflakes.

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