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Jade Hairpin Fragrance-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise

There was a mess, and the drinkers stood up. At that moment, a man rushed in like a gust of wind, a strong man dressed as a countryman. As soon as he came in, he grabbed the woman and asked. The woman threw herself into his arms. Pointing at the thin man, she cried, "Second Brother, Big Brother let him kill you!" The strong man turned around and grabbed the thin man by the breast. "What enmity does my eldest brother have with you?" He said. "What enmity do you have?" Come on, follow me to the yamen to file a lawsuit. Here he grabbed the thin man to drag him out, and a very handsome man came in at the door. He looked only in his twenties, with long eyebrows, fine eyes, a white face, and a sky-blue robe that fit him just right. He looked like a typical playboy from a big family. "All right, all right," someone shouted, "Master Hu is here." Master Hu came in and went to the thin man's side. He looked at the strong man and said, "What's the matter? What is this?" The strong man sneered, "What's the matter? What is this? Let me ask you first. What do you do?" Master Hu said unhurriedly, "My surname is Hu, and this man is the guard of my family." "That's just right," said the strong man. "There's been a death here. You,Coil Nail Making Machine, the guard, killed my eldest brother!" Master Hu glanced at the ground inside, still unhurriedly. "Is that your brother?" "Not bad," said the strong man. Master Hu turned to look at the thin man and immediately lowered his face. "Tell me, what's going on?" "Young master," said the thin man with a bitter face, "this man got drunk and vomited all over my face. Look at me. I only pushed him once. Who knows he.." "Bastard!" Master Hu snapped, "You know he's drunk,wire nail machine manufacturers, but you still have the same experience as him?" Turning to the strong man, he smiled and said, "Elder brother, let me see your brother first, OK?" The strong man shouted, "You've killed everyone. What else is there to see?" He said he was right. Master Hu went over and reached out his hand to feel the wrist pulse of the strong man on the ground. When he felt the pulse, his body could not help shaking. He turned around and took a quick look at the thin man. Then he turned to the strong man and said, "Brother, anyway, it's me, the guard of the hospital, who hurt someone. I know I'm wrong, but you're holding him like this.." "" I'll take him to the Yamen to file a lawsuit, "said the strong man. "This is a lawsuit about human life," said Master Hu. "It's not up to him not to fight. Please let him go. If you have something to say, let's talk slowly, Automatic nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, OK?" "Let him go," said the strong man. "He's gone!" "What are you afraid of when I'm here?" Asked Master Hu. "Besides, the Hu family compound is not far from here. Can you run away from home?" Resentfully, the strong man loosened the thin man and said, "You've killed everyone. What else is there to say?" Master Hu paid no attention to him. He turned around and said, "Fellow villagers, friends passing by, you've all seen it with your own eyes. I don't need to say anything more. Now I want to use this place to finish it. Please do me a favor and give way. Fellow villagers, I'll go to the house one by one to thank you. Friends passing by, I'll thank you now. Your food and drink are my treat.." This young master Hu had seen the world and was polite. Under such circumstances, who had the nerve not to let him go? In a twinkling of an eye, all of them were gone. Master Hu thanked the drinkers and sent them out. Then he told the shopkeeper to come to the door. The shopkeeper came over to speak with a bitter face. Master Hu raised his hand and stuffed something into it. He said, "Shopkeeper Peng, we are all old neighbors. I understand your loss. You take this first. If it's not enough, I'll make it up tomorrow." The shopkeeper even said that this was not what he meant, but he took the thing after all, and ordered the waiter to close half the door. When everything was all right, Master Hu waved the strong man to sit down. "There's no need to sit down," said the strong man with a white face. "If you have something to say, it's the same as standing up." Master Hu nodded and said, "Well, in that case, let's stand and talk. Please tell me what you're going to do." "What should I do?" Cried the strong man. "That's a good question. Let's go to the Yamen to file a lawsuit.". ” Master Hu smiled and said, "Elder brother, I'm afraid you don't know much about what happened in the Yamen. It's not so easy to fight a human life lawsuit. Yes, the man was killed by my guard. But at the worst, if the Yamen lets him pay for his life, what will happen to your family? Besides, I've known a lot of officials in Beijing for generations. Just for this, the Yamen may not sentence me to death as a guard." In this way, your family will suffer even more. The strong man stamped his foot and said, "Well, if you kill someone.." Is there no law? "I dare not say there is no law," said Master Hu, "but it's not a big crime to kill someone by mistake." The strong man gritted his teeth and said, "So you sent everyone away." You're bullying us countrymen. Why don't you just beat our three brothers and sisters to death here together? He stepped forward and rushed towards Master Hu. The thin man reached out from behind and grabbed his arms. Although he was so strong, he could not move at this time. The woman was too frightened to cry any more. "What do you want?" Cried the strong man. "Don't get me wrong, brother," said Master Hu. "I'm not afraid of being beaten. You know, if you break me, things between us will be even, and you won't have anything to lose." "What can we leave behind now?" Asked the strong man. "It's up to you," said Master Hu. "If you want to settle it privately, I can lose money." "Fart!" "Can money buy a life?" Asked the strong man. Master Hu's face sank and he said, "You have to understand. I didn't kill him. I'm just talking to you on behalf of my guard. Don't be dirty. It's up to you whether you want to or not. If you don't want to, it's all right. My guard is here. You just take him to the Yamen to fight a lawsuit and see what the Yamen can do with him and what you can do with him." The strong man will say it again. The shopkeeper came over and said with a reluctant smile, "Brother, you have to be smart. Master Hu is well-intentioned. People can't come back to life after death. Even if the Yamen sentences this man to death, your brother won't survive. Besides,Coil nail machine, the Yamen may not sentence this man to death."? In my opinion, since Master Hu has promised to lose money, you might as well leave one behind. 。

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