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Poems of red leaves

The man in black, surnamed Cai, turned around and said, "So you two.." That's good, his grandma's is good, everyone is running around and breaking their legs, but you two are hiding here to enjoy a happy life, come on, don't shrink his grandma's, he's already thousands of miles away! "Oh, it's a thousand miles away. Where is it?" The man in black, surnamed Cai, didn't notice why the two didn't come out right away. He immediately said, "a thousand miles away is a thousand miles away. Who knows where it is? Anyway, he can't vacate the air or enter the earth. He will be found at the ends of the earth. Otherwise, we will be unlucky. Mo Cangjiang, this old son of a bitch, is really harmful.." Why are you two shrinking? You're leaving here. Go back and hand in your job. "Come out." The black-clad man surnamed Wu promised in the wing, and with this promise, a dark shadow swept out. The man in black, surnamed Tsai, was stunned. He immediately shouted, "Why, who doesn't know how much someone has,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, and you're still coming with me? You.." Before he could say anything, he saw clearly that the man was neither Old Wu nor Old Xu, but a handsome and handsome stranger. He understood. He was about to raise his hand, but he was too slow. He felt his Adam's apple go up and down. He closed his breath, his eyes were black, and he lay down obediently. I don't know how long this sleep will last. After daybreak, Wei Mulan sat at the gate of the city-a wine shop. He took a glass of wine and looked out. The sound of hooves filled his ears. He saw more than a dozen good officials mixed with blue-eyed and yellow-bearded men. Everyone sat astride a Mongolian tall horse and galloped out of the city like flying. The people cowered and hid far away. Unlucky is the people on both sides of the house, bursts of dust stirred up by the iron hoof straight to the door roll, which bold and desperate dare to hum. Not long after the dozen or so riders had passed,38 tube fitting, Wei Mulan stood up and went through the wine tent and out of the wine shop. He also wanted to go out of the city with him. And at that moment, he saw a white figure flashing in the door of an inn across the street. The white figure was infinitely beautiful. Wei Mulan's heart jumped, temporarily put the plan of tracking the dozen or so healthy riders behind his head, and rushed across the street with three feet and two steps. Entering the inn, there was only one clerk at the counter who was twisting a cloth to wipe the counter. As soon as he saw someone coming in, he threw the cloth into the bucket and wiped his wet hands on his body. At the same time, he greeted him with a smile on his face: "Good morning, guest. If you want to stay in a small hotel, you will have a clean room.." "Little brother," said Wei Mulan, "a girl went in just now.." The waiter understood. "Oh," he said. He squinted and shook his head and said with a smile, "Childe, you're wrong. She's a small guest. She's from out of town. They live together, but she's a good girl.." How dare he make a mistake? Wei Mulan stared and said, "What nonsense are you talking about? She is me." My relatives! The fellow is stupefied, busy compensate laugh to hit arch to bow to: "I am sorry, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,14 tube fitting, I am sorry, it is I made a mistake, it is I am blind!"! Childe, adults do not count small people, the prime minister can sail in his stomach, I think it is. Hey hey, childe ten million forgive, ten million. Wei Mulan said with a straight face, "Next time, look at people clearly and be careful what you say. It's not me who's wrong. Another person must hit you in the mouth. Say." Where does she live? The waiter thanked him and pointed back, "It's in the upper room directly opposite the backyard. As long as you enter the backyard, you can see it at a glance.." Wei Mulan did not listen any more: he stepped over. The man looked at his back and stuck out his tongue: "Darling …" As the waiter said, Wei Mulan saw it as soon as he entered the backyard. He saw the two doors of the upper room directly opposite open. In the room sat a woman in white with a beautiful figure who was bowing her head and thinking. He did not see her face, but he recognized her at a glance as Wen Wana, because for him, Wen Wana's beautiful image was as ripe as it could be. Somehow, all of a sudden, his heart was beating so hard that he almost lost the courage to walk over, but another idea was driving him to take a step, driving him forward, and he was finally overcome by an idea. He walked over uneasily and stood at the door. He was even more uneasy. She was still thinking with her head down. She didn't realize that there was a man standing at the door of the room. He didn't have the courage to call her. It took him a long time to summon up the courage to shout softly, "Girl!" Hearing the sound, the woman in white looked up. It was Wen Wana. She was startled at first, and then a complicated and strange look appeared on her dimple. She blurted out, "It's you.." Wei Mulan nodded with a strong smile and said, "Yes, girl, it's me. Do you remember?" All of a sudden, Wen Wana turned calm, with a look of indifference on her dimple. She shook her head slightly and said lightly, "I forgot that I have come into contact with many men. I don't remember which one you are!" Wei Mulan understood this and was very embarrassed. "Girl," he said, "I've come to apologize. I was wrong before." Wen Wana blinked her beautiful eyes and her long eyelashes fluttered. "Apologize. What apology?"? Wrong? What's wrong with you? No, you don't have to apologize. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm a born slut. There's no decent man who doesn't look down on me, no one who doesn't hate me.. "No, girl," said Wei Mulan, "you're not.." "Who said that?" "Haven't you scolded enough?" Asked Wen Wana? Think I'm dirty, think I'm cheap, you don't touch my things, I touched your body, you have to cut off that piece of meat with a knife.. Wei Mulan felt very uncomfortable and said, "Miss, I used to have no eyes and I didn't know who to judge. Now I understand. I sincerely apologize to the girl and only pray for forgiveness." "Why should I apologize? Why should I forgive you?" Asked Vinwana. "If not," said Wei Mulan, "I'll have a bad conscience all my life." "Your words are too serious," said Wen Wana. "You and I have met by chance, but the fate is only a few sides. One is not a friend, and the other is not a friend. What do you have to worry about? I don't think it's necessary. Don't take this matter to heart, and don't take me to heart." Wei Mulan shook her head and said, "Girl, I can't do it." Wen Wana's eyes froze and she said, "What can't you do? What?" Wei Mulan said, "Without the girl's forgiveness,stainless steel needle valve, I can't feel at ease in my life." Wen Wana seemed a little disappointed. "Oh," she said, "I thought you couldn't help putting me in your heart. It's not.." 。

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