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The great treasure of the Bismark Sea


How a Tiny Exploration Company Plans to Bring 600,000 Ounces of Gold
Up from the Ocean Floor...



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Posts: 11012



Status: Offline
Posts: 11012

“The Great Treasure of
the Bismarck Sea”

How a Tiny Exploration Company Plans
to Bring 600,000 Ounces of Gold
Up from the Ocean Floor…

Chapter 1: A Shadowy Image

The Captain of the Wave Mercury knew he was getting close…

His electromagnetic scanners were pinging wildly – indicating massive amounts of gold somewhere nearby.

For months, his robotic vehicles had combed a mountainous region 5,249 feet beneath the Bismarck Sea… Searching tirelessly for their target:

A treasure of gold so large, it's about equal to half the gold production of the largest gold mine in the United States.

And then it happened…

The scanner’s beeping quickened. The captain watched a shadowy image coming into focus from nearly a mile below the surface. It was exactly what he had long been searching for…

An area of the ocean floor that could contain 600,000 ounces of gold.

As word spread at the surface, cheers rang up amongst the crew. The Captain called his financiers – the executives at a small Canadian company – to let them know the good news.

They had finally found it… So much gold it would take years just to bring it all up.

Indeed, the Wave Mercury’s discovery could easily be considered the greatest treasure ever found on the ocean floor.

SS Central America Treasure valued at $400 million

Black Swan Treasure valued at $500 Million

It dwarfs the previous two top claims…

  • The SS Central America, lost at sea in a hurricane in 1857, went down with 85,000 ounces of gold. When treasure hunter Tommy Thompson pulled it up in 1987, it was valued at $400 million dollars.
  • In 2007, Odyssey Marine Exploration recovered the Merchant Royal in an operation known as the “Black Swan Project.” Odyssey’s treasure was valued at $500 million.

The treasure found by the Wave Mercury could be more valuable than both of those combined.

At $1,600 an ounce, that much gold would be worth an astonishing $960 million!

That's nearly twice the value of the tiny exploration company that found it.

And shares are likely to jump at an unprecedented rate from their current level of around $3.

But here’s the incredible part…

The discovery could end up being far larger than even these estimates…

And it's not just gold that they've found.

In the following presentation, you'll discover the details of their find: where it is, when they'll start pulling the gold up, and how they plan to do it.

Additionally, I'll tell you why some people are referring to their find as a "limitless" amount of gold.

But most importantly, you'll learn the only way to get a stake in this company in the United States. (They don't normally trade in the U.S. but we've found a way to get in on the action with a simple purchase on the NYSE. It doesn't involve ADR's or the pink sheets)

The time to move is now, before this story breaks into the mainstream press.

So let’s take a look at how you could make a fortune on the Great Treasure of the Bismarck Sea…

Chapter 2: The Hunt Is On

It all started six years ago when a small Canadian company (I’ll call them “Treasure Corp.”) made a bold decision.

Papua New Guinea

They picked up shop in Toronto and traveled 8,600 miles to one of the least traveled places on Earth, Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is made up of over 600 islands, has 850 indigenous languages, and is one of the few places left on the planet with practicing cannibals.

But Papua New Guinea is also the home to a legendary treasure shrouded in mystery. It’s often referred to as “The Great Treasure of The Bismarck Sea.”

You’ve probably never heard of this treasure before. Very few people have.

But at one time, it was a hot topic amongst treasure hunters.

It started with the discovery of an old nautical manuscript written by Dutch researcher J.L. Mero.

In it, Mero describes a nearly “limitless” amount of gold and silver that some believed could be found off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

Whoever located it would become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

For 20 years, the United States, Germany, France, and others quietly spent hundreds of millions of dollars in a desperate search for the treasure.

But with absolutely no luck…

The technology at that time was far too primitive… And the treasure was too deep.

Most everyone simply gave up.

It wasn’t until 2006 that executives from “Treasure Corp.” caught a break.

Using advanced “fly-over” radar technology, they were able to construct a detailed map of the ocean floor.

And in one spot on the map, they saw something that didn’t look quite “normal.”

The executives at the company knew it was a long shot. But they agreed the payoff was too big to ignore.

So very quietly they dispatched several ships to search the area… Including the fateful Wave Mercury.

And in that tiny spot at the bottom of The Bismarck Sea, just as Mero had written many years before, they found what very well may be described as a “limitless” treasure.

I'll get in to the strange way the treasure came to rest there in a moment, but first let me give you an idea how big it really could be.

Chapter 3:
A Truly “Limitless” Treasure of Gold?

The most interesting aspect of “The Great Treasure of the Bismarck Sea” is not how big it is, but how it got there.

It didn’t sink to the bottom along with some Spanish Galleon or an old Chinese Merchant ship.

And what “Treasure Corp.” discovered in that tiny spot at the bottom of the Bismarck Sea is not just a pile of gold bars and coins.

What they actually found was hundreds of millions of tons of very special rocks called “massive seafloor sulfides.”

Here’s what they look like:

At top grades, a single one of these rocks, weighing about one ton, can contain as much as 11% copper, 23% zinc, 14.9 grams of gold, and 259 grams of silver.

Scientific Computing calls them "remarkably pure concentrations of metals."

To give you some perspective, consider…

  • At the world's largest gold mine, deposits contain about 2 grams of gold per ton… preliminary samples show "Treasure Corp's" sulfides can hold 14.9 grams of gold per ton. That's over 7 times more concentrated than the world's largest gold mine…
  • The ore at one of the world's largest copper mines is made up of 1.5% copper…preliminary samples show "Treasure Corp's" deposits could have 11.1% copper – nearly 7.5 times more concentrated than the world's third largest copper mine…
  • Mexico's largest silver mine pulls out between 12 and 30 grams of silver per ton… preliminary samples show "Treasure Corp's" discovery could contain 259 grams of silver or more per ton. That's a whopping 8 to 21 times more concentrated than Mexico's largest silver mine.

Frankly, these are outlandish numbers. You just don't see deposits like that on land. Keep in mind, though, we're just talking preliminary samples here…not official or proven reserves. But if the full scope of their find turns out to be as rich as these samples suggest… the sky is the limit!

So how did they get there?

Chapter 4: Underwater Gold Fountains

The massive seafloor sulfides come from small underwater vents that go deep inside the Earth’s core where the planet’s crusts are loaded with valuable metals.

As pressure builds up inside the vents, they eventually release much like a geyser.

But instead of shooting water out, the vents blast gold, silver, copper, and zinc out all over the ocean floor.

They’ve been doing this for millions of years. And now the floor is literally covered with the densest clusters of precious metals on Earth.

According to the International Seabed Authority, “a single deposit could weigh 100-million tons.”

And here’s where it gets really good…

So far I’ve only told you about the gold they’ve found. But it turns out that the copper down there is even more valuable.

At the first site, they plan to pull up about 600,000 ounces of gold, but they also plan to bring up 240,000 tons of copper.

At $4.40/lb, that amounts to an extra $2.33 billion.

In total, including the gold and copper, that amounts to nearly $3.3 billion – More than six times the current market cap of Treasure Corp.

But after discovering this first deposit, "Treasure Corp." decided to keep searching for more of these underwater gold fountains.

And sure enough, they found another vent a few miles away… And then another… And another.

In total, they’ve located at least 18 mineral-gushing vents just in the surrounding areas of the Bismarck Sea.

To be fair, preliminary tests are still taking place. For example, there have been 67 samples taken at the second site. And only 1 at the 18th.

And because the sample size is so small, Treasure Corp. cannot make an exact claim on how much gold and copper is down there.

But based on the early samples alone – you can clearly see that the potential here is staggering.

We're talking what could be billions upon billions of dollars worth of gold and copper, sitting at the bottom of the sea.

Treasure Corp. COO Anthony O. has this to say about the potential:

"Typically a deposit is of the order of 5 million to 10 million tons but they occur in districts and clusters and the districts are generally hundreds of millions of tons."

Obviously, hundreds of millions of tons would spell a huge payday in gold and copper for Treasure Corp.

And that doesn't even factor in the vast amount of silver and zinc they've found in these sulfides…

Of course for now, “Treasure Corp” has only scheduled production for the initial finds.

But you can see why this is such an incredible story long-term. Even as they pull up the vast treasure at their initial site, which alone could be worth as much as $3.3 billion…they'll continue to explore their other sites, and could EASILY find billions upon billions of dollars worth of minerals within their reach.

Here’s the long and short of it…

“Treasure Corp.” plans to be pulling these deposits up for years to come… Making billions of dollars in the process.

As Chief Operating Officer Anthony O. said giddily when asked how much money they could make on these finds, “the sky’s the limit – or the depth of the ocean is the limit.”

In fact, as I’ll explain in a moment, “Treasure Corp.” is likely to be the only company allowed to bring up these humongous gold and copper deposits over the next 20 years. And during that time, we are likely to see a huge increase in their stock value.

Here’s why…

Chapter 5: Sworn to Secrecy

When news of the discovery first reached the executives at “Treasure Corp.”, they undoubtedly celebrated privately for a moment.

ffice.jpg" border="0" width="350" />

But then they did something you wouldn’t expect from a company that just received fantastic news…

They shut up.

There was no news story back in Canada. No press release directed at the big brokerage houses. No ticker tape parade.


And here’s why…

Finding gold in the sea is far different than finding gold on land.

You can’t just claim the rights to a portion of the ocean floor. First you have to make very secretive deals with the country that holds these territorial waters.

Otherwise, somebody else might try to swoop in on your find.

The executives at “Treasure Corp.” knew this. Which is why they kept everything very “hush-hush” until they could get legal permission from Papua New Guinea to bring it up.

But that’s exactly why this story is so exciting right now…

In 2011, in exchange for a flat 30% fee, Papua New Guinea finally gave Treasure Corp. exclusive rights to that portion of the sea floor.

COO Anthony O. says, “We have got an area under title of 520,000 sq km, which is like one and half times the size of the state of California or two times the UK, so it is a pretty big chunk of ground.”

They will now be the sole operator for the next 20 years.

And this has created a very exciting window of opportunity for smart investors.

For the moment, nobody really knows about the full scope of their discovery…

And now that “Treasure Corp.’s” find is fully protected, there is no reason for them to keep it a secret.

After all, the company executives are likely as anxious as anyone to get rich when the production gets underway.

And when the details of their other exploration ventures go mainstream – which we expect them to do over the coming months – it's going to have an enormous impact on the company's stock.

But you may be wondering…

How are they going to bring all this treasure to the surface? And how much is it going to cost?

I think you'll be quite surprised…

Chapter 6: Underwater Recovery Drones

The sea floor at “Treasure Corp’s” discovery site is loaded with high value metals. The sulfides are piled up all around the underwater vents.

And the great thing is…

It's not like an oil drilling operation where you risk having a pressurized spill. And it's not like a land-based gold mine where you have to dig through hundreds of feet of rock to get to the good stuff.

With these sulfides, the gold is already on the ocean floor and simply needs to be scooped up.

"Treasure Corp's" new robotic recovery machines (Pictured to the right) make it easy.

These 180-ton machines run right along the ocean floor scooping up all the gold-encrusted rocks. They then bring them to a basket that carries them to the surface where a recovery ship is waiting.

This entire process costs around $70 per ton.

But when you consider that at the first site alone, each ton contains an average of $1,000 in gold, silver, copper, and zinc… the plan is obviously very cost effective.

These are potentially massive profit margins.

Once at the surface, they simply separate the copper and zinc from the gold and silver. And then bring them to market for a huge payday.

"Treasure Corp." COO Anthony O. had this to say about the potential of their holdings:

"You look at the sorts of grades that we're getting: 7% copper, 7 grams per ton of gold, in districts with hundreds of millions of tons and where you've got a mining system that is mobile.

Once you finish mining a deposit you pick up all your equipment, sail over to another deposit, drop all your equipment and you can be in production again within days."

This is the first time any company has done this…

Which is why it’s such an ideal time to invest.

It’s a situation that’s likely to revolutionize a struggling gold mining industry. And turn this tiny company into a Fortune 500 powerhouse.

Here’s what I mean…

Chapter 7: The New Gold Frontier

Gold production peaked in 2000. And hasn’t been the same since.

As Business Insider reports, “Yearly gold production is now on a permanent downwards slope.”

And the president of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold mining company, says that “to maintain production, ore is being mined with increasingly less gold in it.”

At the same time, gold prices are soaring to over $1500 an ounce. And silver is topping $40 an ounce.

The timing is perfect for a new source of gold to take over. And “Treasure Corp’s” underwater gold discovery is by far the most viable solution.

As I mentioned earlier, inferred estimates indicate there could be 600,000 ounces of gold and 240,000 tons of copper at just their initial site in the Bismarck Sea.

And now that Papua New Guinea has given the full go ahead, production is ready to begin shortly.

But what I haven’t mentioned yet, is that “Treasure Corp.” has also made comparable discoveries in their early explorations of Tonga, Fiji, The Solomon Islands, and more.

Each of these underwater finds could contain millions of additional ounces of gold, copper, zinc and silver. Over the months and years ahead, these discoveries are likely to add even more to "Treasure Corp's" bottom line.

I should be clear: They will not see money from these additional discoveries for some time. As of now they've only explored about 1% of their 600,000 sq km of territory in these regions.

Over the next few years, the payoff will come from the Papua New Guinea deposits.

But I’m confident in “Treasure Corp’s” long-term prospects, too, because no company right now is set up to compete against them.

Everyone else is years behind in research and technology. And nobody but “Treasure Corp” has the exclusive rights to begin pulling this gold up…

Which is why the world’s biggest resource companies are secretly buying up millions of “Treasure Corp.” shares…

Chapter 8: A Buying War Begins

Before I continue, I should stop and give you some disappointing news…

As of now, you can’t buy shares of “Treasure Corp” in the U.S.

At least not without the secret way I’ve discovered.

It doesn’t trade on the NASDAQ… AMEX… NYSE… or even as an ADR.

And unfortunately, this fact is costing you lots of money.

Because quietly, behind the scenes, a buying war has already begun between some of the world’s largest resource companies.

They realize that while “Treasure Corp.” is still “off-limits” to U.S. investors, they can buy up nearly all the shares for themselves – and on the cheap at $3 a share.

For example, Russia’s largest iron ore producer has already bought up 32.7 million shares of “Treasure Corp.”

One of England’s biggest resource companies, based out of London, has purchased 17.3 million shares.

And another major North American company now owns 10.6 million shares.

“Treasure Corp’s” stock has already started to move as a result – jumping 21% in a single day when whispers of the deal with Papua New Guinea started circulating around industry insiders.

You think these companies don’t realize what will happen when this story goes public? And when “Treasure Corp.” ultimately begins trading in the U.S.?

Of course they do.

The stock is going to scream up the charts. And they’ll be in perfect position to reap all the profits.

But that’s why you need to pay attention very closely…

Because we’ve found a way to get a piece of “Treasure Corp.” ownership without having to trade on any foreign exchanges.

If you follow the simple steps I’m about to outline, you can become one of the very few people in America holding this stock.

And that could mean extreme profits for you.

Here’s why…

Chapter 9: Going Back in Time

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go back and invest in Google when it was at $20? Or Apple when it was at $5? Or Exxon-Mobil when it was at $3?

Well that is essentially the opportunity you may have with “Treasure Corp.”

It’s a chance to buy shares while it’s still unknown and before it hits a “hyper-growth” phase.

And when a gold mining company first finds a discovery this big, it is a recipe for massive stock gains.

For instance…

  • Remember the world's largest gold mine that I mentioned earlier? The one 7 times less concentrated than some of the top preliminary samples "Treasure Corp"has found?

    It's run by a company called Freeport McMoran… And their stock has risen 1,411% over the last 10 years due to the production of that mine.

$5,000 in Freeport McMoran back then would be worth $75,550 today.

  • Likewise, the Goldstrike Mine in North Eastern Nevada is the largest gold mine in North America.

    It was discovered by what is now the world’s largest gold miner, Barrick Gold.

    At the time Barrick traded for just 78 cents. Now it trades for $51 – an increase of 6,438%!

That’s enough to turn $5,000 into $326,900!

  • An even better example is the discovery of the Comstock Lode in Nevada. It produced around 200 million ounces of gold and silver over the lifespan of the mine.

    And shares in Comstock mines went from about $1.50 all the way to $1,500 each – a ridiculous return of 99,900%!

$5,000 in Comstock shares would have handed you a $5 million profit!

This is why right now is such a great time to get a stake in "Treasure Corp."

It’s like going back in time and buying Freeport McMoran at $5… Or Barrick Gold at 78 cents… Or shares in a Comstock mine at $1.50.

Only this time, you can be one of the few people in America who is able to do it.

I’ll tell you how in just a moment.

But first let me give you one more reason why “Treasure Corp.” is the perfect company to own now.

Chapter 10: A Fistful of Dollars

Going back to the days of the California Gold Rush or when pirates roamed the seas, treasure hunters and gold miners have always been known as risk takers.

They bet big, lose a lot, and occasionally hit the “mother-lode.”

Treasure Corp. is no different. They took a huge risk by going after “The Great Treasure of the Bismarck Sea.” No question about it.

I should warn you, there's always the possibility that something could go wrong. Their equipment could malfunction. Costs could increase if a partner backs out. A monsoon could shut the operation down for weeks.

Plus, this has never been done before. But that's the whole point: If this uncertainty didn't exist – if there weren't a certain level of risk – then the reward wouldn't be so potentially sky high.

And at this point, the risk could be worth your while...

They’ve proven the gold is there. They’ve gotten exclusive rights from Papua New Guinea. They’ve developed the technology to bring it up.

The only thing left to do is start profiting and watch the stock take off like a rocket ship.

And yet the stock still sells on the cheap.

When doing my research, I just couldn’t understand why.

It’s not because they’re in debt… They have none.

And it’s not because they are running out of cash… They have $165 million dollars sitting in the bank.

The only thing that I can figure is that “Treasure Corp.” is still cheap only because it doesn’t trade in the U.S.

The financial media aren’t going to cover it when their readers can’t buy any shares.

And stock brokerages aren’t going to recommend something that they can’t easily buy.

They’re more likely to wait until “Treasure Corp” has become a mainstream stock trading in the U.S. for $30 before finally giving you the “scoop.”

Why do you think all those huge resource companies are buying millions of shares of “Treasure Corp.” right now?

It’s because they know that eventually the mainstream media will pick up on this story. And “Treasure Corp’s” stock will go through the roof.

But that’s exactly why I’m writing you today…

I’ve found a way you could profit on “Treasure Corp.” right now by making a simple purchase right on the NYSE.

You don’t have to jump through any hoops. It’s just as easy as placing an order for any other regular company.

Here’s how to do it…

Chapter 11: How You Could Profit from
“Treasure Corp.” on the NYSE…

Before I tell you more, let me finally introduce myself…

My name is Jeff Yastine.

I live in South Florida where I’ve been a business journalist for Nightly Business Report for the last 17 years.

But you probably won’t be surprised to find out that I’m a bit of a treasure hunter myself.

I’ve dived on shipwrecks in the Atlantic… Explored the reefs off of the Keys and Cayman Islands… Searched for gold doubloons in the Caribbean…

Along with that, I’ve also developed a keen understanding of state-of-the-art underwater technologies.

Fly-over mapping… electromagnetic reconnaissance… robotic underwater recovery machines… Things like that.

So when I heard that a small company in Canada had located such an enormous treasure, I was immediately interested.

But as I got into it and started uncovering all the amazing things I shared with you in this documentary, I kept coming back to one disappointing problem…

I didn’t want to share this story with an audience that couldn’t easily buy the company’s stock.

Sure, I could tell you the process to buy shares on a foreign exchange. But I know that that means holding illiquid shares and probably paying a big premium for the privilege.

So I turned to some of my close contacts in the investment world – some top hedge-fund managers and investment bankers – to find a way around the problem.

And what I discovered is a way to easily gain a stake in “Treasure Corp.” by placing a simple order right on the NYSE.

It’s just like any other regular “buy” order you might make. You don’t have to use the pink sheets, options, ADR’s, or anything fancy.

In fact, it’s actually easier, more liquid and far safer than buying “Treasure Corp.” shares directly.

It’s a win-win situation.

I want to give you all the details on this incredible opportunity.

Which is why I’ve put together two important reports that I’d like to share with you for free today.

The first report will give you all the information on “Treasure Corp.” – including more details on the story, the company financials, stock symbol, where it trades, plans for future expansion, etc.

It’s called The Great Treasure of the Bismarck Sea: How a Tiny Canadian Company Found $3.3 Billion in Gold and Copper.

The second report will give you all the details on how to gain exposure here in the U.S. It’s called How to Profit From “Treasure Corp” on the NYSE.

I’d like to send you both of these reports absolutely free right now.

I’ll send them directly to your email inbox if you’d like.

Why am I doing this you might ask?

It actually has to do with a mysterious offer I received myself…

Chapter 12: A Unique Financial Fellowship

During my 17 years working with Nightly Business Report, I’ve received my fair share of offers to join other organizations.

But up until now, I’ve always turned them down.

Why give up living in beautiful Miami where I can pursue my interest in shipwreck diving?

But recently I received an offer to become the new Editorial Director of an intriguing organization.

It’s called The Oxford Club.

Like most people, I didn’t know much about the organization. From what I could tell it seemed like some sort of underground investment club with a select few wealthy members.

Of course, as a business journalist, I was skeptical. So I started doing some digging…

First, I did some research into The Oxford Club’s monthly financial newsletter, The Communique.

I quickly discovered that the highly-respected Hulbert Financial Digest ranks The Communique as one of the top six investment newsletters for performance over the past decade.

Better than the S&P Outlook… Better than Fidelity Investment Advisor… Better than Morningstar…Better than Zacks… Better than Louis Rukeyser…

I was pretty amazed at who they had bested.

Then I found an article about the quiet success of the organization by Peter Brimelow of Marke****ch.

In it, he states “the key player is undoubtedly Editor Alexander Green, who has developed a dramatically successful record, expressed through several portfolios, since arriving in 2001.”

Brimelow goes on to explain that over the past 10 years, The Oxford Club has performed a full 30 times better than the Wilshire 5000 index.

After hearing all these good things, I decided to go to the source. And see for myself what kind of returns The Oxford Club produced.

I have to admit, I was blown away when I saw the results.

Some top recent gains I immediately noticed include 134% in Riverbed Tech… 229% in La-Z-Boy Inc… 103% in Tiffany and Co… 204% in Cummins Inc… 143% in Amazon… And many more big double and triple-digit winners.

And The Oxford Club’s open positions are even more impressive…

As I’m writing this, there are 25 recommendations in the Oxford Trading Portfolio.

24 of them are in the black – with just one single 10% loss.

I took a screenshot of their current portfolio so you can see for yourself: (However, I've blacked out the names of the recommendations. It would be unfair to current subscribers to give them away):

On these 25 open recommendations, the average return is 41.7% – with a total cumulative gain of 1,041%.

A simple $1,000 in each recommendation would be worth about $35,000 today – and ten of the 25 picks are less than a year old.

After reviewing the track record – and the diverse investment strategies they offer - it was easy to see why the Hulbert Financial Digest ranked The Oxford Club so highly.

I knew this was an organization that I wanted to be a part of… Which is why I’m happy to say that I accepted the position as the new Editorial Director of The Oxford Club.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.

I want you to have access to the same high quality research and analysis that I did, so you can see what The Oxford Club is all about. To see why they are such a highly-respected financial research group.

So here’s what I propose:

Go ahead and sign up for a trial membership of The Oxford Club by clicking the Join Now button at the bottom of this page.

I’ll immediately send you both of my brand new reports:

  • The Great Treasure of the Bismarck Sea: How a Tiny Canadian Company Found $3.3 Billion in Gold and Copper.

  • How to Profit From “Treasure Corp” on the NYSE.

And after that you’ll have 45 days to decide if Oxford Club membership is right for you.

Feel free to track our performance, review our investment reports, and see if membership is something that could benefit you.

I think you’ll find that it’s one of the best financial decisions you could ever make for you and your family.

But don’t simply take my word for it.

Here’s what a few current members have to say…

Chapter 13: What Members Have to Say
About The Club

One of the many things that attracted me to this organization is all the positive feedback from members.

For example…

Oxford ClubMember Bobby Davis has this to say about the club:

“I only joined the Oxford Club about a year ago and I think it will prove to be one of the best decisions for my financial well-being.

What do I have to show for the time I’ve done it on my own? Nothing. What do I have to show for the last year with the OC? Double-digit returns.”

And lifetime member Mike Johansen says:

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with all your recommendations. They have been so successful that I was able to purchase a $100,000 Annuity.”

Then there’s member Gary Foster:

“I was a know-nothing investor back in 1995 when I joined the Oxford Club. You have single handedly easily returned my lifetime membership fee by at least 500%.”

And Jennifer Beasley, a member since 2008:

“I have done very well with your recommendations. I am still with Fording Coal and have made 50% so far this year. I have tripled in the last 2 years. Their dividend is very nice also.”

With a ten-year track record as one of the best investment groups in the country, it’s easy to see why the members are so happy.

At The Oxford Club, our philosophy is simple:

We look for quality companies… Developing breakthrough technologies… Bringing on thousands of new customers… Reporting record profits… and experiencing dramatic growth in share price.

For example:

  • On March 24 of last year, we recommended an up and coming tech company called Riverbed Technologies. Their new network technology is making serious waves in the computer industry. It can boost network performance by 50x in ten minutes or less.

    Over the past year, Riverbed brought in thousands of new customers scrambling for their services. As a result, profits jumped 42% in 2010.

    And on April 8, 2011, we sold out for a 135% gain.

  • Another example is engine producer, Cummins, Inc. They are the largest independent maker of diesel engines in the world. Cummins newest engineering achievement, the innovative ISX15 model, operates at near-zero emissions levels.

    Cummins reported record profits every single year from 2003 to 2008. And after a brief lull through the financial crisis, profits jumped 50% in 2010 for the best year in company history.

    When we recommended Cummins it traded at $18. We sold it at $53 – for a gain of 204%.

I’m confident that “Treasure Corp.” could end up handing you gains even bigger than these examples.

However, you won't know for sure if The Oxford Club is right for you until you try it.

So, how much does The Oxford Club cost? And how can you immediately receive everything I've mentioned here?

Well, before I give you the details...

There's one more unique opportunity I'd like to tell you about.

I recommend you take advantage of this situation right away...

Chapter 14:
How to Still Get Rich on Gold’s Surge

Did you miss the big money in gold?

Are you kicking yourself for not buying gold when it was still $800? Wondering whether the run in gold is over?

Let me tell you the simple answer…

It doesn’t matter.

You can still make a ton of money in gold – if you know the right way to do it.

At The Oxford Club, we believe gold is an essential part of any portfolio.

Gold is the only commodity that has consistently outperformed other investments during periods of world tension.

In the five years in which inflation has been the highest – 1946, 1974,1975, 1979, and 1980 – the average real return on gold was 130.4%.

It should come as no surprise then that since the financial crisis began, it’s up over 90%.

But I think you’ll be shocked to know that there is a second way to own gold that can actually be far more lucrative.

During 2009, for example, this second way to own gold actually outperformed the metal itself by 168%!

We’ve put together a complete report on this unique way to profit on gold.

It’s called Collect 122% in the Next 12 Months on Gold’s Surge.

And I’d like to send it to you free of charge along with everything else I’ve outlined in this presentation.

Here's how to get started today...

Chapter 15: Special Offer for New
Oxford Club

The Oxford Club normally costs $149 for a full year of membership.

But if you decide to accept this one-time invitation, I'd like to make you a special proposition.

I'll give you everything we’ve discussed so far… Including each of the research reports… Plus one full year of The Oxford Club Communiqué, The Ultimate Income Letter, access to all our investment portfolios, and all other club benefits – for just $79.

That's nearly 50% off the regular rate.

For just $79 you'll get:

Special Situations Report #1: The Great Treasure of the Bismarck Sea: How a Tiny Canadian Company Found $3.3 Billion in Gold and Copper.

Special Situations Report #2: How to Profit From “Treasure Corp” on the NYSE.

Special Situations Report #3: Collect 122% in the Next 12 Months on Gold’s Surge.

Join The Oxford Club today and we’ll send each of these reports directly to your email inbox.

But there’s one thing that’s important for you to know…

“Treasure Corp.” is only going to remain unknown for a short time longer. As you’ve seen, some of the biggest resource companies in the world are already buying up millions and millions of shares.

I urge you to take advantage of this situation while you still can.

It is quite possibly the best opportunity I’ve uncovered in my many years following the markets.

That’s why I want to make this very easy for you…

Chapter 16: 45 Days to See if It’s Right for You

I understand if you’re hesitant to try something new.

I certainly was one when I became the new Editorial Director at The Oxford Club.

Which is why I want to give you the same opportunity I had… A chance to look everything over and see if this organization truly has “the right stuff.”

So here’s what I propose:

Simply join The Oxford Club today and you’ll get 45 days to decide if membership is right for you.

That should be plenty of time to track the success of our recommendations, take advantage of all the “club benefits”, and see what happens to “Treasure Corp’s” stock as this story goes mainstream.

And if for any reason during those 45 days, you feel like The Oxford Club is not for you, simply let us know by phone, email, or letter and we will refund your entire subscription cost.

Plus, no matter what happens, you’ll be able to keep all the research reports you’ve received absolutely free of charge.

I don’t think I can make this offer any better.

To accept this invitation and join The Oxford Club, please click here. Or you can call our Member Services Team at 866.415.8492 or 630.236.4624 and offer Priority Code: MOXFN302.


Jeff Yastine
The Oxford Club
July 2011

P.S. Let me emphasize: I’d like you to use the next 45 days to test out all of our research absolutely risk-free. And if anything doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Except in this case, if you do decide to cancel your membership, you still get to keep everything you received.

That’s how confident we are in our services and what they can do for you.

I couldn’t possibly make this opportunity any easier to take advantage of. Please just click the button below to begin right away.



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