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karate roundhouse kick

Anjaneyasana (low lunge with back knee down)-work on keeping tailbone pointing downward towards the floor and shift hips forward by bending deeper into your front knee. (Make sure the knee doesn’t go too far over the ankle)

You can then reach your arms up and to the opposite side of your back leg (if your right leg is forward, then reach your left arm to the right)

Its a deep hip flexor stretch.

Kindly try out the postures of Yoga that are done lying down adept to those that give you a feeling of comfort..also keep a very soft flattened pillow between the knees if sleeping on side is relaxing.Some ”Hatha yoga” can also bring relief during the day time.

Great question! And thanks for the A2A!

The could be several different aspects to this answer, so I'm going to try to stick to basics and be concise.

Both Pilates and yoga work on joint mobilization through their respective movements.

Both address muscle flexibility (and inflexibility) through the movements and poses.

Both create the best results through precision and patience.

Being a Pilates instructor assumes a bias, so I'll also say this - when I give private sessions, the clients learn so much about their bodies in terms of imbalances and weaknesses and areas of chronic muscle over- and underdevelopment. The information a client learns from private sessions can be taken to any other workout genres and used to maximum advantage, including yoga. For example, during our session, a client might learn about having a tight psoas muscle and what that means for the rest of the body’s balances. I'll also teach exercises and self-releases for that muscle. That client can then take that information to yoga to better perform a triangle pose or a bridge pose….complementing the practice.

karate roundhouse kick

I have found that private sessions of both practices yield the best results in terms of information and performance. Classes don't address personal and specific issues. But the practices definitely complement one another in terms of working through range of motion, breathing, movement of muscles both flexible and inflexible, And precision.



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